An online trading journal that includes trade planning and money management.

  1. Baron
    TradeBench is an online trade journal with advanced features such as trade planning, risk management, potential trade comparison, and customizable reports.

Recent Reviews

  1. TravelDan
    What I like best about Trade Bench are the trade plans. You can use them to enforce discipline by setting up checklists, risk management, and "what if"
    scenarios before entering a trade. The trade plans are useful to avoid compromising your strategy by making impulsive trades. You can also review your trade plans later as a learning tool. The software will automatically calculate position sizes for you based on risk rules you can configure, although you could override this if you wanted.

    Trade Bench also supports the typical reports of journal software. You can create various strategies and labels to filter and report on specific types of
    trades and compare your returns. It supports multiple portfolios (add them as different brokers).

    You can use the reporting features even if you choose to skip the trade plans and enter trades directly. You can enter trades manually or import them from a broker or spreadsheet. There's a slight learning curve to configuring strategies and checklists, but
    should only take an hour to get acquainted with everything.

    Maybe one of the nicest things is that Trade Bench is free. They ask that you follow them on Twitter and they'll send you one email per month from a sponsor
    without sharing your email address.