Technical Education Consulting Services for Professional Trader Development.

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    Start your trading career by learning how to Spread Trade – that’s the same strategy used by many Prop Firms, Bank Desks and Hedge Fund traders. In my opinion, it’s the cheapest and smartest way to trade, and for futures it’s the least expensive way to carry a position for extended periods of time. If you're interested in developing a professional trading career - spread trading is a must-have skill. If you're trading your own capital it's a great way to become more consistent and to build account equity.

    And just in case you didn't know, spreads are the price differentials between highly correlated products. The exchange capital margin requirements for spreads are a small fraction of what is required for outright individual futures. The trader bets on the convergence or divergence of pricing value between correlated products – not on the direction of broad markets like the stock market going up or down. An example of an inter-market spread might be to sell the Russell 2000 Index and to buy the S&P 500 Index as a hedged spread position.

    A Nuclear Engineer by training and a sponsor of Elite Trader since 2008, the training that I provide traders is based upon years of experience trading on energy, proprietary firm, and hedge fund desks... as well as trading my own account.

    The “Full” Training package costs $7,500 and includes a proprietary technical study indicator package as part of a mechanical trading system developed exclusively for spread trading, and a large suite of recorded training webinars and files. It also includes a full year of one-on-one consulting mentorship via ‘Go-To-Meeting’.

    The “Light” Training package costs $3,500 and includes all of the proprietary studies, files and recorded webinars as given in the “Full” package – the notable exception being that consulting mentorship is capped at 15 hours over a 12-month term.

    Contact pete@spreadprofessor.com for details.

    I look forward to working with you,

    Pete Hamby
    Spread Professor
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