Latest Reviews

  1. ElectricSavant
    Tradovate is the best Broker with the lowest commissions just now. The next step is to lease a seat. If your a jigsaw user give them you license key and you can trade from Jigsaw. Their charts are free. Rick & Andrew are awesome to deal with. You can choose between Dorman or Philips to clear through...note: Philips has ACH. Tradovate has a Forum to request features. The Founder of Tradovate is Rick Tomsic who also founded Open E-Cry.
  2. birdman
    Ameritrade has been my favorite broker since 2002 when they bought out Datek. The TOS platform is fantastic. I've suggested they offer 30 second and 20 second charts. I'm hopeful it will happen. One minute is shortest time frame available.
  3. TraderEX
    Great customer service from Andrew and his crew. Reduced commissions and no commissions based on membership level. Several years later problems. No harassing up sell calls. Platform is include with any level membership. Best bang for my buck.
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