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  1. QUODD
    Fuel your business with affordable, comprehensive market data.
    • Securities Workstation: Customizable platform for market quotes, news, charts and more.
    • APIs and Data Feeds: Configurable real-time market data feeds for institutions and FinTech solution providers.
    • Pricing & Reference Data: Global equity, fund and fixed income data via flexible delivery methods.

    Expand and Accelerate Your Access to Market Data

    Imagine a data feed so fast it’s almost as if you’re located next door to the exchange—except in this low latency world you can be located anywhere. And it’s not just one exchange, it’s more than 20 North American exchanges all compressed into a single feed. The cherry on top: this accelerated speed and expansive access is affordable, giving you a trading edge while preserving your margins.
    This trading dream world is real with QUODD’s partnership with Nanex’s NxCore market data. Whether you’re a quant firm, an online trading platform, or a solo trader, your ability to take advantage of real-time data for trading more efficiently or designing investment strategies increases exponentially thanks to the power of Nanex’s NxCore compression technology fueled by financial data from QUODD.

    With the combination of QUODD and NxCore, data is broken out at the exchange level, not the symbol level, like some of the major players. With no symbol limits, you get every symbol in every exchange you subscribe to. NxCore is the only internet-based market data solution that delivers this deep coverage. When milliseconds count, this ultra-high-speed data flow is the closest thing to having a direct connection to the exchanges without having to deal with the hassles of licensing, IT or infrastructure issues of being co-located to exchanges. The QUODD-Nanex partnership delivers the trading advantage right to your terminal—at a fraction of the cost.

    The QUODD-Nanex relationship revolutionizes how financial market data is consumed, strategies developed, margins protected, and opportunities realized.

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