Option Fundamentals

Option trading alerts via SMS, Email and Twitter.

  1. Option Fundamentals
    Option Fundamentals is an alert service that has been successfully trading options for over 30 years in both bull and bear markets.

    Unlike most option alert services, Option Fundamentals uses unique fundamental indicators for most notifications. Although some notifications will be low time value options, most alerts will have plenty of time remaining, which means trades will close in 2-9 days, but others can go 21 days or longer.

    The company's focus is on single-leg call / put trade alerts, with a HIGH percentage winning history and options with a stock price above $40 minimum. Indicators that are implemented include sound fundamentals, channel breakouts, heavy volume, Relative Strength, Crossovers, Sector Strength, Moving Averages, Accumulation/Distribution and Earnings reports, to name just a few.

    You will receive your trade notifications via Twitter, Email and SMS, all trade alerts will be mirrored in the members-only section of the company website. SMS notifications are for USA members ONLY. Each alert will contain a suggested Entry Price, Exit Target, and a Stop-Loss, along with any relevant notes regarding the current market conditions surrounding that particular notification.

    You will receive update notifications if any unusual activity or drastic market changes occur for specific options. After a position is closed, the results of that trade will be posted on the performance page of the site along with a chart that reflects entry and exit notations.

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