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Deep historical data for backtesting and updates for Stocks/Futures/Forex

  1. NorgateData
    Norgate Data provides historical daily data and "end-of-day" updates for financial market data.

    The company specializes in survivorship bias-free data for US, Australian and Canadian stock markets. Data is also available for selected World Futures and Forex rates.

    Norgate does not provide live quotes, delayed quotes, intra-day or "tick" data.

    The data is held on a user's PC in a proprietary database format. Direct access to the database is provided by way of plugins into supported 3rd-party charting/analysis applications. In addition, it's possible to export historical price data in ASCII and MetaStock formats. Access to the database is no longer possible if a subscription lapses.

    The service is provided on a subscription-only basis (historical data is not available as a "stand-alone" item). For Stock Market subscriptions, the extent of historical data provided depends on the subscription level.
    • Subscriptions may be taken out 6 for months or 12 (monthly subscriptions are not available).
    • Subscriptions are not subject to cancellation (see our Refunds Policy).
    • Subscriptions are not renewed automatically (we don't retain your credit card details).

    Before subscribing ...
    Check Norgate's Accessibility page to see which 3rd-party charting/analysis applications or platforms can make use of our data and to what extent.

    Also, take advantage of the 3-week free trial so that you can be confident about getting what you want out of a subscription.

Recent Updates

  1. Norgate Data upgrade May 2022

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  1. MarkBrown
    Comprehensive, dependable and all other superlatives you can mention.