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Business coaching on MINDSET for trader success.

  1. Andrea Wylan
    As a day trader herself, Andrea helps traders succeed by focusing on a trader’s psychology. If you are still losing money trading and making the same mistakes over and over, it is time to look at PSYCHOLOGY to turn this around.

    Working with Andrea helps you change your mindset, thoughts, beliefs, past traumas, etc. to clear a path for calmness while you trade. The outcome is more control over your actions, trading from a more “neutral” place mentally, and being able to follow your trading plan.

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    Benefits from Andrea’s coaching:
    • Guidance from a coach who understands traders, as she is a trader herself.

    • More than twenty years experience helping people make significant changes in aspects of business or life.

    • Ability to clearly identify what is going on with you and quickly determine the root causes of behavior.

    • Weekly homework assignments to significantly speed up your progress between sessions.

    • Accountability to your trading plan.

    • Structure /guidance on vital trading tools, such as your trading plan, recording and journaling trades, managing risk, etc. These elements are key to success.

Recent Reviews

  1. formikatrading
    Andrea is a very insightful and supportive coach. She also has extensive experience as a life / business coach so she is able to evaluate how the rest of your life is impacting your trading and how your trading is impacting the rest of your life. I enjoyed working with her and my trading improved as a result.