GFF Brokers

Offers low-cost futures brokerage services and trading technology solutions.

  1. GFFBrokers
    GFF Brokers is an Independent Introducing Brokerage (IIB) firm located in Glendale, California, and is registered with NFA and a member of CFTC, Global Futures & Forex Inc. GFF Brokers offer futures and options trading on all major exchanges around the world, in conjunction with Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading services.

Recent Reviews

  1. Preston Forbes
    Preston Forbes
    Been with them for over a decade...they were the original Global Futures and merged into a bigger operation a few years ago. Best group of brokers for real trader that want a real order desk and real support. I've used them for every sort of platform and love their XTrader support for big trades. Screw the mega brokers they're expensive and too corporate and have zero real support when you actually trade and want to get somewhere in these markets.