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    About dxFeed

    dxFeed is a market data services and solutions provider that distributes low-latency data from major exchanges in North America, Europe, and around the world. We deliver normalized consolidated data feed, capture tick-level data and market depth in our cloud storage, aggregate data into live streaming charts, calculate real-time analytics, host solutions in our 6 datacenters in US and Europe and our AWS cloud infrastructure all over the world.

    Major financial institutions, including major online brokerages, prop traders, clearing firms, exchanges, trading education and information portals choose dxFeed as their primary provider of choice for market data and related services because we provide a wide array of services and offer custom development on top of them to achieve an ideal fit for the purpose.

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    dxFeed Market Data Services

    dxFeed delivers the following services to retail and institutional traders and investors:
    • Real-time, delayed, and historical market data for equities, futures, options, indices, cryptocurrencies, FX, and other asset classes
    • Reference data
    • Fundamentals and corporate actions
    • “Time machine” cloud-based market replay
    • Charting aggregations
    • Options analytics
    • Market screener as a service
    • Market alerts as a service
    • Macroeconomic time series
    This data is available through multiple APIs:
    • Java
    • C/C#
    • REST
    • JavaScript / Websocket
    • Python
    • FIX
    Featured products utilizing our data and services:
    • dxFeed Bookmap
      An innovative full order book visualization, analytics and trading platform. Visit dxfeed.bookmap.com for more information.
    • dxFeed ATAS
      A professional, trading and analytical platform. Visit get.dxfeed.com to subscribe.

    Why Do Traders Prefer dxFeed Data?
    • Institutional grade level 1, level 2 and full order depth data directly from exchanges and market participants
    • Top data centers and financial hubs: Equinix CH1, NY4, FR2, LD4, ZH4 and BIST
    • Access to petabytes of historical market data at tick level, including market depth
    • Market replay and order book replay
    • dxFeed is broker-agnostic. Traders can access data integrated in various analytical platforms without the need to have a brokerage account.

    Solutions and Services for Small & Medium Businesses and Enterprises

    Besides market and reference data, dxFeed offers broad range of solutions and products, including but not limited to Index Management, Inforider Terminal, Augmented Reality and dxFeed Radar - a market screener and market scanner 2-in-1 product.

    Our Awards

    dxFeed named the Most Innovative Market Data Project in the WatersTechnology 2022 Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data awards

    dxFeed has been named The Best Asset-Specific Data Provider by the Honored Judges team of The Technical Analyst Awards 2021.

    dxFeed won two prestigious awards at the Fund Intelligence Tech & WSL Awards 2020:
    • Best Market Data Provider—Overall
    • Best New Trading Product for our Options Scanner
    dxFeed was acknowledged as the Best Data Provider for Equities by the UK Technical Analyst 2019.

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