Quantitative Trading for Professionals

  1. Baron
    AlgoTrader is an institutional-grade algorithmic trading software solution for conducting quantitative research, trading strategy development, strategy back-testing and automated trading for both traditional securities and crypto assets. Architecturally, it is a robust, highly optimized, truly distributed, event-driven, multi-threaded software platform purpose built for state based, asynchronous development of complex trading models. AlgoTrader is an open, feature rich platform that handles all the tedious aspects of quant modelling and strategy development: strategy wizards, embedded valuation & technical analysis libraries, all common trading methods, configurable back-testing framework, reference data starters, inbound FIX adapters, public REST endpoints, historical data services and market data / broker / exchange adapters. AlgoTrader was formed and is staffed by systematic trading experts with a solid track record of delivering mission critical systems to discerning clients - worthy of your trust and confidence. Typical clients are hedge funds, prop/crypto trading groups, family offices, banks, brokers, advisers and savvy retail traders trading quantitative trading strategies for both traditional securities and crypto assets. AlgoTrader has offices in Zürich Switzerland, New York USA and Singapore.
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