Alera Portfolio Manager

Automated trading software with portfolio management.

  1. Baron
    The Alera Portfolio Manager (APM) provides traders a way to automate their trading systems by processing trade signals and/or stock screeners. These trade signals can be created by the users themselves or be pulled from online providers.

    APM gives users full control over how they would like to manage their position sizing, risk, and trading strategies. Traders now have the ability to improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of their trading through software that ensures consistent and reliable portfolio management.

Recent Reviews

  1. GaryBtrader
    I've been using Alera for the past 6 months to automate my trading strategy. It's been working great. And the software team has worked with me to incorporate some additional features I was looking for. Highly recommended.
  2. Orbiter
    Really easy to use. Can handle signals from various sources. Have moved all my algo trading execution to it.