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May 15, 2021
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    1. Cottagefry
      Hello Spydertrader, I wanted to find out if you have any templates for your PVtools other than the ones with Trade Navigator? I'm looking into Ninja Trader and MT4 and just wondering if you know of any similar tools. Also just curious if you have moved into a different method of trading or still do the PV/Jack Hershey method? Would love to know your thoughts....


    2. CDNpatriot1
      Hi Spydertrader:

      hope you are doing well. Something tells me you are living a great interesting life. Spent a lot of time reading your materials. Thank you! You have a great legacy! Would like to trade equities using TradeNavigator but they won't allow me to access the scripts without your endorsement. Would I be able to access the scripts?

      Thank you kindly for your consideration.
    3. wacha
      Hi Spyder
      I have been now, rereading, hard working and killing my brain for 4 years on your way and Jack's...
      Today, I find myself in a hard condition as I dedicated (3 years ago) the 100% of my money, energy and lifetime in trying to get my BIG HHAAA MOMENT
      I hope you exeperienced a lot of succes personnally, and came today to ask you if you would be ready to provide some help.
      Thanks a lot
    4. Sprout
      Spydertrader, thank you! thank you! thank you! for all the threads that you built over the years. You have accomplished an amazing feat and a master teacher. I am experiencing successive levels of transference and able to 'see' the market with increasing clarity with each debrief. As you kept your promise, so shall I and continue passing it forward. Blessings to you and yours !!
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    5. Trade66
      Spydertrader Thanks very much for your journal. I just joined Elite a couple of weeks ago. I have never traded live but have been studying volume spread analysis for three months now. I have read your first two journals ( love them ) and I would appreciate if you could assist me in obtaining the videos you reference and the links in the journal no longer function. This would be of great assistance in understanding a number of posts that refer to them. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
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