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    1. amsterdam
      Mav, out of curiosity, what platform do you trade with?
      1. Maverick74
        Apr 6, 2018
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    2. punisher
      Hi Mav. Thanks for a huge contribution on ACD method. I just missed what you guys typically use for weekly and monthly ORs. Is that entire first day of the week/month respectively? Also when you spoke of "confirmed" weekly or monthly (i.e. following week "confirmed" monthly Aup...) did you mean that the next week "stayed" above monthly Aup or that it retested is from the other (top) side and rejected it? Thanks mate!
    3. TradeAI
      My husband is trading and has come up with his own method. He has done the backtesting and success with it but very little actual trading. He is an astronautical engineer and thinks his theory is really good. I’m just doing a bit of research to see what is actually working for others. I’d greatly appreciate and feedback. Thank you
    4. WLDCO__WGD
      Hey Maverick, I was deep down the rabbit hole last night, after searching "worldco" and reading numerous threads. Although unsure of your identity l am certain we were within 15 feet in room with Adam, Saul, JB, AS, love to connect if you have time and desire. Thanks for letting me relive all the memories!
    5. KevAmigo
      I wanna know if trade interceptor is the way to go
    6. ehegenberger
      ...and most of my thanks go to you. I'm seriously considering collecting all your posts in a pdf to carry around as more-than-supplemental reading to Fisher's book.
    7. arglonghorn
      Maverick, not 100% familiar with how this forum works yet but I started a private thread/inbox message with you. Hope you get a chance to take a look at it soon
    8. satiesh
      I am looking for a Prop trading Firm which can accommodate our group of US equity traders (7 Trader all on remote) and US futures trader(2 trader, remote). Our group trade around 1 million shares a month and we use Laser. Want to change our platform to Lightspeed trader or takion. Kindly forward my contact if any one can help finding a suitable partner. please contact
    9. Steve Magana
      Steve Magana
      Hey there,

      Do you know of any trust worthy prop firms that only require capital contribution of $5k or less? Also must not require series 56. I have been looking into Tower Hill Trading but would like to compare the contracts between trader and firm before proceeding. Any help would be appreciated :), word around here is your the person to see.
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    10. amonia
      Sir,I am a beginner .............You are an experienced seasoned trader..... I need some help from you .....trying to learn trading ...... Do you have any blog or website lessons or study materials to help learning trading ? Any books / links / youtube lessons ? thanks for your time
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