Dec 9, 2001
    1. Limitless100
      Hello Eric,
      Unfortunately I am unable to private message you due to my new account. I would like to speak to you about potential broker candidates for day trading/scalping. I was reading a thread where you were going into great detail about the opportunities out there for retail clients to successfully use this type of broker. If you wouldn't mind speaking, please PM me, if you can't post a visitor message to me and I will provide you with my email.

      Thank you
    2. gaj
      hey eric - continued success with everything. glad we met a few years back at nyc expo, good to meet someone else doing this. i'm outta here.
    3. sfcaguy
      Hi Eric,

      I was hoping you could help me out.
      I noticed in one posting that you mentioned that you were making 7% monthly. I have lost 7000 so far option trading and the most that I have ever made was $100. Can you give me some advice on how you trade profitably?

      One thing I am trying right now is selling vertical spreads, instead of iron Condors. I'm taking a directional bias because my iron Condor always lose on one side. What would you do when a vertical spread is being tested?

      Any advice on how to become profitable would be appreciated.


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