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Apr 10, 2013
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Apr 10, 2013
    1. sjlnk
      I tried to send you email to the address you gave in the forum but it doesn't work anymore.

      I have been working on open source, vendor agnostic financial data and execution framework (mostly in Python).


      Please come to chat in IRC #zmapi @ freenode.net ...

      or send me email:

      "".join(["".join(["s" + "e", "bastian"]), ".", "jylanki", ".", "gmail", ".", "com"])
    2. blexi
      Hi 6yaNYCjm5m,
      I'm using Python to do algo trading as well. Can I just contact you for one or two little questions? (broker API + something else).
      My mail : blexi@gget.it
      See you
    3. joedole
      I am contacting you because you posted a really interesting message about using Python for developping automated trading strategies.
      I am beginning in that field and I though that I would ask you a few questions and maybe you would be kind enough to answer me or guide me.
      - what data feed do you use? I heard Nanex is great. How easy is it to decode their feed in Python? Do you use IB feed? How do you decode it on Python? Do you have to run TWS? Do you know where I can find a sample script that shows how to receive real time feed on a multitude of options and futures instruments.
      - For the hosting, do you have a recommendation of good proximity hosting close to CT?
      - for the market access, did you code in Python for sending orders in Fix protocol through the gateway? Do you have any idea of the latency between sending orders through the TWS API and the fix protocol?
      Thanks a lot in advance!
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