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your favorite Schwarzenegger movie

  1. so many of Arnold's movies are right up my alley. it's hard to pick a favorite, but i'll go with...

    1) terminator 2
    2) the running man
    3) predator
    4) total recall

    i haven't seen terminator 3 yet.

    for a listing of his movies, go here:

  2. T2...

    What else? You expect people to say Kindergarden Cop... :D
  3. No Question: TRUE LIES....that shit was funny and he fucked up the bad guys:D ...plus Jamie Lee was smokin in the dress

    ....then Conan
  4. Commando. Pretty low budget, pretty muchly unrealisitic action all the way through, Dweezle Zappa was the best at acting in the whole film, but for some reason I just enjoyed it. Arnold had a few funny lines too.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Pumping Iron
    gives a fairly accurate view of the psychology of the man and what drives him.

    California could do much worse than elect him,he is an astute business man,canny politician,and movie star to boot.

    cheers d998
  7. Commando. Do you remember the scene in the beginning were he is walking with the tree on his shoulder? :)
  8. Young Alyssa Milano playing his daughter... in Commando...

    But T2 ROCKs
  9. Anything without that fool.
  10. Top:

    1) True Lies
    2) Total Recall
    3) T2

    also rans:

    4) Predator
    5) Commando
    6) Running Man
    -last action hero was flawed, but ok
    -collateral damage was so so

    "consider dat a divorce"
    "you're fired"

    it's all good..

  11. Actually, thebest sequence was this:

    Salli: "Fuck you man"
    Arnold: " fucking me is not important right now, what is importan Salli is gravity"

    ...and then he lifted him up by his ankle and held himover a cliff!:p
  12. Hell no. IMO, no chick can ever be considered attractive to me without hair.

    ...No, not even Halle Berry.

    When I saw The Matrix for the first time, I had no absolutely no idea that Trinity was supposed to be hot.

  13. Im sure Jamie and Halle both shave.....OH...You meant on their head:D
  14. "The Governator"

    Coming to the California Oct 7th.
  15. First of all, T2 is my favorite.

    For me, Ahnold's movies fall into the following categories

    Often end up watching the whole thing if I run across it on TV, may pick up the DVD one day:
    T2 (best Schwarzennegger movie by far, IMO - excellent script, truly spectacular action, effects, production)
    True Lies (great action, funny script - also great for cinema quality viewing)
    The Terminator (a classic)
    Predator (also a classic)
    Total Recall (some excellent scenes, but kind of excessively stupid and cheesy at other points)

    Certain to join the above group:
    T3 (great action, and I liked the babe Terminator, don't know what people's problems are with her, though cheesy in spots and I didn't think the lead human couple were very well-matched - the two terminators were a better couple...)

    Very good film in its own right, but not what we mean by an Ahnold movie:
    Pumping Iron (also a classic)

    Watchable, some good moments:

    The Running Man
    The Eraser
    Collateral Damage
    Conan the Barbarian (love the scene where he's having sex with the witch-babe, and she suddenly flashes into a beam of light and speeds away, and he cries out, "Crom!" - Crom being Conan's god - okay I admit I have a weakness for this one because I was a huge fan of the books when I was a kid, and even though the books were better - haven't seen it in a long time so don't know if maybe it belongs in the top group)
    Conan the Destroyer
    The Last Action Hero
    End of Days
    Red Heat
    Red Sonja
    The Sixth Day
    Kindergarten Cop

    Apparently, he's scheduled to do another Conan movie in 2005 (King Conan), with John Milius, but that project is looking a bit shaky now.

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