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You are a total asshole!

  1. This is a place to bash each other :)
  2. LOL. great idea. :D
  3. Trouble is Pol, they won't come here, because they want crowd to observe their ego exploding, it's like a big drama, show business to these people. Chit-chat is no good, not many visit this auditorium.
  4. I Agree. Meanwhile, the ES Journal is taking a turn for the shitter. Too bad so sad.
  5. NEWBS :D
  6. I'm so disappointed. I thought someone dedicated a thread to me.
  7. I told my psychiatrist that everyone thinks I'm an asshole. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet.
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  9. This one is for JimJam, who so gracefully replies to my posts, he's sticking with the herd, but guess who is laughing at him with his yet another newly found grail - VIX/TRIN methodology. Nice one Jim, how long will you stick to using this one? LOL

  10. All chat rooms become this
  11. what do u mean eventually?