YM is 171 points above fair value now!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by kxvid, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Right now. When was the last time that happened? Any news? I am thinking about fading this one.
  2. What will you do if it's 300 points "over" fair value? :cool:
  3. maybe something to do with massive intervention of the non divine kind?
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  5. world markets - China bailout

    Might want to take a look at what's happening in the Asian markets right now.

    Not saying it's not fadeable - but there is some reason behind it.
  6. OMG 171 points!!!! Half the average daily range!!! WOW!!!
  7. Its funny, I dont even react to anything under 300 anymore. It seems to make five 150+ point pulses a day. Usually in a span of 30 minutes.
  8. What YM data are you looking at?

    Over past 10 trading days YM has average daily range of 505 points and over past 20 trading days it is 622 points.
  9. I was just making a joke, not being specific. My point was 171 points is nothing, which you've just emphasized further. Thanks!
  10. GREAT - I wonder how much of the $586 Billion the Chinese have earmarked for loaning to the US ;-)
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