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Discussion in 'Trading' started by fogut, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. fogut


    On December 31, when you count your yearly profit, do you take into consideration your open positions or do you only consider the trades that are closed ?

  2. fogut


    In other words, when you tell someone how much profit you made at the end of the year, do you take the open positions in consideration when you calculate your yearly profit ?

  3. Closed position.
  4. I mark my positions to market every night.
  5. I count "paper" profits and losses from open positions. If I don't, I am fooling myself.

    To each his/her own. :)
  6. Rex84


    only closed
  7. heypa


    All positions where money is or was involved. If you're keeping score total your portfolio value forget the IRS rules.
  8. Surdo


    What he said!

    Mark the portfolio at the close on 12/31!