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Yeah ! m gonna short Corn here

  1. Short 10% line on Corn 686.20

    Will add more below 650

  2. The game is set - raised my line to 40%
    This might be a quick one..
  3. any fundamentals behind your logic?
    from now on it's harvest news...no?

  4. Nada Fundamentals... I just trade the price. It looked weak yesterday...and is moving nicely today as well..
  5. On watch at these levels, else I will close it.
  6. good luck
  7. lessons from Mr Livermore are incredible and the best one is - learn to sit on our hands...

  8. woo hooo !!
  9. Update on weekly chart... could be a decent trade...
  10. nice work...let that baby ride!!
  11. loving this market here... Anyone else short here??

  12. It looks like u will be taking delievery. Destination?
  13. Yes, only since mid November (rolled to March now) but still looks to have some downside potential, after I thought it had bottomed towards the end of November.