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  1. XTO had a 5:4 split and the number of shares per adjusted contract was increased to 125.

    Standard 100 share contracts have a root symbol of XTO
    Adjusted XTO contracts have a root symbol of XTJ

    From your Yahoo link, XTO closed at $51.27 and an adj. Feb 45 call goes for $19.40

    That means if you buy that call, you'll get 125 shares at $45 for a total cost of $6,440 ($45 + $19.40)

    125 shares @ today's close is worth $6,409

    Doesn't look like such a good deal to me (g)
  2. See transaction dated 14-Dec-07:
  3. What's that link mean in layman's terms.
  4. It means what spin said.
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