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Wow...S&P500 up 13 out of 17 days in July

  1. Despite the S&P's impressive performance, I've noticed the TRIN index closing above 1.00 for the last 8 sessions.

    Is the July rally getting exhausted or consolidating for the next run up?

    Any thoughts?
  2. Well...i can confidently state that one of 3 things will happen here....mkt starts trending down...or goes up from here...or thirdly we consolidate sideways for a while.
    heres the odds for each scenario imo:

    mkt continues to go up...............33%
    mkt goes sideways for a while...50%
    mkt does mild correction......... ...66%

    Knowing we are at resistance...will most people wait for some consolidation...or will people be loading up here??

    Does Jupiter's lunar cycle really cast any doubts on this move??

    well......im just a duck...what the heck do i know?
  3. This is great news! There's 149% chance of something happening. Easy money.

  4. Should be easy to make some cash, then. I'm willing to put in 110% of my effort to make it happen. ;)

  5. Yeah. 70% of the American public can't do simple math. The other 45% just don't care.
  6. err..... percentages are not related to one another for this particular excersise. each scenario percentage is on its own.

    i didn't realize concept would be so difficult to take in....would explain put........don't know how
  7. The S&P has been like a helium balloon bouncing on the ceiling looking for a higher high, no matter how small.
  8. Now, that was funny.
    :D :D :D :D
  9. changes of you making money tomorrow if mkts stay in tight range....33%

    changes of you making money tomorrow if mkts trend......50%

    changes of you making money tomorrow if mkts trend huge....66%

    does this perspective still leave you :confused:
  10. Who are you? Yogi Berra?
  11. Aside from oil potentially floating above $060 depending on this mornings petoleum report, any other likely events preventing S&P edging for more highs?

    All indicators telling me we're on way down, my gut says something different .....always dangerous (my gut!)
  12. That was a joke...right??:confused:
  13. I hope so....or my trading style is in deep doo-doo