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WinXP Whizzes... can you help?

  1. My autodial function stopped working. I tried to stop the Remote Call Procedure and restart it, but when trying to stop I get a message that "Windows has encountered an error"... doesn't describe the error or its location.

    Anybody know how to uninstall or reinstall this function?

  2. I'm not a whiz, but try doing a System Restore?
  3. Thanks for the input, but I have System Restore disabled.
  4. Sorry didn't get that far, trying to trade and post.
  5. Thanks for the responses everybody. I updated a backup system copy from about 3 months ago and got it working again... though I still don't know how to fix the problem should it occur again.
  6. Try this first.
    Also, maybe you ran a virus removal or ad-aware remover software or something similar which turned it off. Try looking inside your services to make sure that it is turned on.
    Link shows you how to get to services.

    Try this link second.

  7. Time for a Vista upgrade?
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  9. nobody help this guy gnome. He's an inconsiderate jackass. He laughes at people who try to help him and give him advice that he asked for.
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  11. I beg to differ. He has helped me more on computer issues than anyone on this board. Maybe you just need to lighten up? I thought his quip was no big deal. And he is right, not because I think he is a nice guy, but because Dell tech support said not to run Vista! Why would they lie? They have nothing to gain and everything to lose telling existing Dell customers, like me, that info. I have heard of several instances over the last month where trading apps had conflicts with Vista, Trade Station being one of them.
  12. You mean, "get Vista" WASN'T a joke?