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Will history repeat itself like 1999?

  1. 50% upside between Oct and Dec... :D

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  2. nice find, I doubt it though.....1999 was 1999..
  3. Or 1987??

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  4. Many would lean towards 1999 rather than 1987. Reason is everyone has the attitude that nothing can go wrong now, profits are high, unemployment at record low, inflation is contained, economy coming in for a softlanding.
  5. As most of ET knows I've been a stubborn, albeit small short in ES for a few weeks. I would have thought the only chance of a mega year end rally would be predicated upon a GOP sweep in November. Even though I'm a Republican, and in fact a former GOP Congressional candidate myself, I've thought the chance of the Republican's holding a majority in the House as extremely doubtful. Hence I adopted "world view" that stocks would break in October as the story of Republican demise took hold. Alas in the past two weeks the GOP majority has fallen from a 57% bet on Tradesports to a 37% bet. What's the market done? Rallied to high hell!!! I had the news right but the directional index play dead wrong.

    This could mean two things. Either the market is so incredibly under valued that it's going to RIP THE FACE off of shorts who're selling it on unimportant macro political analisys OR the macro political stuff WILL matter two weeks from now but only AFTER every early short has been run out.

    I still subscribe to the latter.

    Since 1994 only in the pivotal election year of 2000 has the market failed to rally in Q4. That's quite a streak! I think it ends. CLEARLY sentiment has been overly bearish and by being short the past few days I've violated a cardinal rule of being short on light volume, new high days. That means there's nothing for sale. It hasn't been new longs popping this stuff as much as shorts chasing the little that's being fed out. Century old axiom: Sell short covering rallies.

    With rates low (although blipping up a bit this week) and P/E's reasonable I don't see a "crash" scenario. But I do see the steepest correction in four years around the corner or at least the odds being acceptably high enough to justify a short campaign.
  6. IMHO
  7. Using history as your guide you can probably find just about every possible scenario.
  9. If you're the mean reversion type I guess the market needs to pause while earnings catch up or sell off or a bit of both...
  10. Interesting hypothesis. If true, we would be looking at a drop to around 6500. Is that what you're looking at?
  11. In my office in 1999, most people missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime because of this reason, myself included.
  12. i think what people aren't calculating is we've been in 13 quarter unmatched profits boom and the chances of that continuing are very slim. put to call is coming down hard,bullish sentiment is skying no matter what the clowns say on tv as i haven't seen a bear on tv in weeks and all i here is 13k or 14k. sure earnings have been good but with 2.6% gdp the chances of earnings turning down in thext 2-3 quarters is very high. an of course iran is going to pop back out of the box in the next 6 months as a showdown looms. the us's reputation is on the line and they'll attack int he next year as iran will never back down

  13. I wouldnt go that low, if we were to go into recession in 2007 I would aim for a low of around 9200-9600 range. Even that seems a bit low.
  14. The big difference here is that 1999 is still fresh in peoples minds. Much easier for the fear factor to creep in, imo..

  15. I have heard for weeks that the Democrats winning the elections wouldnt be a good thing for the markets. Now it seems everyone is changing their opinion and that the Democrats winning would be great for the market. I think they are using any excuse to drive this market higher.
  16. As long as there is a trend we can capitalize. It's the zig zags that kills.
  17. Ive always heard that gridlock was good for the market which is probably what we will get.