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Why mgtow exist

  1. I imagine all this stuff was insured.
  2. This stuff is spreading. I'm sad to see things come to this. MGTOW has taken over japan and I'm not sure I can blame the men. Once the "sex bots" become commercial, a lot of men won't even bother. This can't end well :(
  3. Google herbivore men if you want a glimpse of the future.
  4. We're in for some sort of Bladerunner, herbivore men future. Cyberpunk dystopia here we come.
  5. I didn't know it was even more widespread in Japan.
  6. Google herbivore men...if you want a real life horror movie.
  7. Something about postwar Japanese culture Ditch...I don't know how they went from Samurai to gentle herbivores in a generation. And don't say soy ;). It's more than that.

    I'm no advocate of traditional masculinity but my god...they've taken things to extremes.
  8. Learn to trade profitably. Get a telecommute job. Get to 750-1M K, go to Southeast Asia and live life. That's my goal.
  9. Why would you need a job if you're trading profitably? You can live like a king on $100k a year in SE-Asia. I've spend a year in Thailand in the past, but I don't feel living permanently there is for me. Dividing living time between the West and PP seems like the best compromise for me personally. Unfortunately the best women reside outside the West, but life comes with other downsides there as a trade-off.
  10. Always the trade offs...Singapore/Malaysia is an option as well. I want a job b/c you never know what happens in trading and finance. Besides, full time trading is not for me. Too stressful...
  11. I see... good luck on achieving your goals.
  12. Thanks bro.
  13. [​IMG]

    On December 17th, 1945 Japanese women were granted the right to vote as well as other equal rights.
    Probably the Allies demanded this after the war.

    Feminism kills the birth rate in all countries in which it is introduced.

    Men still get to shoulder most of the responsibilities but women get most of the rights (to the man's money and take the children after any divorce)

    Unlike other countries, where feminism has killed the birth rate, the Japanese are not importing millions of immigrants to make up for the short fall.

    Once Men give women the right to vote Men can never take it away as women (now the majority of voters) will vote against any attempt to do so.
  14. Feminists always have been proclaiming they can do without men, now when men are backing out of relationships in masses women are more miserable than ever, cause men are denying them want they want the most....children.
  15. Grasseaters have to man up...LMAO.

  16. They've manned down for over two decades and it ain't going to stop now. Why kill yourself through work when you can live at home and have a peaceful life. I know we're all viewing this through a gender lens but there are labor issues here as well.

    Male government workers in the U.S. work a quite comfortable 40 hours a week and have a pension. It pays to be a member.
  17. Still what a waste of those gorgeous Japanese girls. A lot of them look hot as hell, no fatties over there.
  18. I'll push back a bit here and I hope nobody assumes I'm a male feminist. As a currently overweight guy, I take some blame for the obesity situation in the states. I'm on track, doing what I'm supposed to do and lost a lot of weight but it would have been a lot better for me and my whole family if I never got to this point at at all. Just a little background.
    Look, men and women are getting "bigger" in the states. A lot of my formerly slender and in shape college friends are now overweight. It's sad to see. If we all took care of ourselves, looked as good as we could, I think most people would be happier in life and dating.
    Look at pictures of men and women in the 60s and seventies. Average folks just looked so much better because they weren't grossly overweight.
  19. Learn Japanese and go there bro. Why stare? If you're European, they want to meet YOU. And if you're older, the good old PH is still there as well as Thailand. But you already knew that ;)
  20. I didn't watch this but I'm guessing it is the old BBC report. Very western centric. They truly don't understand what's going on in Japan. In my younger days, I studied Japanese and had a knowledgeable Japanese professor. Japan is just...Japan and if you're from the west it will always be alien to you.
  21. Where do you live? You need to get out, I'm not buying the overweight excuse you're selling. There is slim trim everywhere, Pure nonsense you're spouting.
  22. Talk to that booger picker No Money Matthew, he can tell you where all the good burger and pizza joints are in Osaka but I'm afraid he can't help you with the hotties.
  23. Middle of the country.
  24. Thanks bud! I'll stick with my plan of losing weight and leaving this area.