Why do yanks moan so much..

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  1. You should try living in England- full of immigrants, petrol prices running at £1.39 a litre- and thats not a gallon ( always get confused By that- 5 pints in a gallon- 568ml in a pint- 12 inches in a Foot- 14lbs in a stone etc)
  2. Roark


    No health insurance is why yanks moan.
  3. And don't forget the cost of higher education..hell, all education outside of the mostly broken public school system.

    There's plenty of shit for EVERYBODY to bitch about, not just the yanks and the brits.
  4. gtor514


    We like to show off our pearly white and straight teeth to you brown snaggle toothed imbreds. To all brits, brush your damn teeth.
  5. LeeD


    Disproportional moaning is purely cultural fenomenon. Not only it is socially acceptable to the extent that people would watch "celebs" competing at moaning on television... not only people listen to stand-up comedians that do nothing but moan on stage, but moaning is actively encouraged via the legal system: an American can sue anyone for anything.
  6. Why? Because our women are far superior and that is one of their talents - making us moan.
  7. Because they have to face Boston 18 times every year.
  8. Humpy


    Because they insist on voting in the crap of society who can't do anything else, including politics !!

    don't vote with your conscience but with what fills your wallett
  9. wildchild


    Maybe because some Americans have a knowledge of how great and powerful the British Empire once was and look at what a pathetic existence they have now.
  10. Humpy


    Our problem is the USA under idiots like Bush keep taking us into costly and useless wars like Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

    A total lack of effective leadership.
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