Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility - In One Pie Chart

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  1. Couldn't even to be bothered to post the chart eh? :D :D
  2. 13,950 articles

    group think = group stink....:cool:
  3. So I guess you would have been a flat earther when the majority believed the earth to be flat. You would have cheered with the masses as Galileo was said to be a heretic when he claimed the earth was not the center of the universe. You would have owned many slaves because the majority thought it to be just fine to do so.
    You and they have zero evidence that CO2 is the primary driver. You and they cannot explain the why and the how of all previous climate changes that ocurred prior to the evil man and his combustion engine. Not to worry. The mob needs no evidence, just belief. Undying religous belief of the kool-aid drinkers. You would have fit right in at Jonestown.
  4. these are scientific articles. do you have any concept of how science works?
    the flat earth was a religious concept that people would not let go of because the bible describes the earth as flat.. it was the scientists of the time that argued against it just like warming deniers today.
  5. Method A. Choose a poltically beneficial outcome and go with it?

    Method B. Examine data for racism?
  6. I know exactly how science works. Jumping to conclusions is not science. It's speculation! The global warming cult is a religous concept and the "scientists" you speak of are religous zealots. A PHD behind their name does not make them any less of a zealot. There is no conclusive evidence that CO2 is the primary driver. None!
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  9. There were slaves in the 16th century, I'm shocked .
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