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Who knows of a free, instant, anonymous email website?

  1. Sometimes, in our biz, you need to communicate something anonymously.

    I had used Anonymouse (below), but in checking the site by emailing myself, the spam filter, or something, keeps the email from getting through.


    Does anyone know of a way to email anonymously without paying, waiting a week, and all other unnecessary nonsense?
  2. hushmail.com
  3. Hushmail appears to be encrypted mail, rather than anonymous mail where the sender remain unknown.
  4. safe-mail.net
  5. gmail is anonymous
  6. but doesn't gmail still relay your IP address to the sender? or does it go through google in some way?
  7. that should be "relay your IP address to the entity that receives the gmail"
  8. Boiler rooms still exist?
  9. Is gmail really anonymous, or does it pass along your IP address?
  10. gmail I've received always seems to have the originating IP address attached to it.
  11. mailinator.com

    and there is no sign-up
  12. I remember a site where you could sent an email without the need for having an email
  13. gmail gives their own ip
  14. http://send-email.org/ would seem to work for OP's purposes.
  15. Yes. This is what I was looking for.
  16. Are you sure?

  17. The times I checked it , this was indeed the case ...
  18. How trustworthy are some of these sites? It could be some basement dweller seemingly offering privacy but actually scanning all the content and collecting pwords and private data.
  19. The owner of www.threadthat.com is a family member so I can vouch for that one.
  20. you have to change IP address to create new accounts.
  21. OK, so who's vouching for <i>you</i>?