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Who are the pigs who are manipulating the market up and down every day

  1. You have to be a mind reader today to figure out what the scum [who program their HF computers and the hedge-scum] are going to do each day... please tell me it was not like like this in the past 25 years. FINRA and the SEC - what a glorious bunch of screw-ups. Oh I get it we really need this movement to sustain a good economy! LOL

    The only ones who will justify this crap are those who get lucky for more than two days in a row and rolled the dice right! LOL

    Yesterday I have a good day and today, one day later the world is ending. Guess every day you have a good profit you have to close. Gotta be a day-trader now to participate in the stock market. Can't hold without increasing risk 20-fold.

    One month is like one year and one week is like one month!! What a farce! Is this really option unwinding EACH FRICKING WEEK that is causing this. B.T.W - who were the morons who decided to have weekly options. I was not n the markets for 6+ years and now we have WEEKLY options

    Anyone want a microcosm of why America is one f-cked up place... look at the gambling casino that is now the US STOCK markets; not just currency and not commodities.

    I think the only smart ones left in the US who "gamble" are the pro poker players - certainly not "traders"!
  2. The CBOE will want to list "daily expiring" options soon. :eek: :D :p :) :cool:
  3. How to figure out what The Market is going to do:

    1. Put yourself in the position of a Muppet (trusting, innocent, naive, expect that what is in motion will remain in motion)

    2. Picture the inside of the Muppet's mind. Note where they will be forced to act, under what conditions they start going crazy

    3. At the point of Muppet action, do the opposite.
  4. So if the market went your way, it would "not" be manipulation right? Just trying to follow the logic.
  5. Butthurt much?

    I was part of a small group who decided to have weekly options. Our only goal was to make you miserable and take your money when you returned to the markets (like a dog returning to its vomit).
  6. Watch the man behind the curtain.
  7. While we're on the topic of "logic", I'm always interested to know why these guys who believe in manipulation don't just buy-and-hold in the direction of the manipulation. If the market is being manipulated, it's going to be manipulated in one direction for an extended period of time, otherwise there's no point in manipulating it. Just get on the same side of the trade as the manipulators and you're golden.
  8. Oink Oink. Oink Oink Oink Oink.

    I find it incredibly funny when people start blaming their inabilities to adapt to changing market conditions. In the 1970's Computerization started with "DOT" designated order turnaround and smaller trader thinking "Oh no, I won't be able to make good trades". Then the 80's of Program trading between the S&P500 equity and futures markets, "Oh no, I won't be able to make good trades". Then ECN's changed decimalization from 16ths to pennies making for tighter bid/ask prices, and now HFT's and yet bar charts are bar charts. I simply don't see many differences.

    But when the same folks are making a killing for a day, they not griping then.
  9. It was much worse 15 years ago when prices were fixed in the exchange parking lots. If you don't know the secrets of trading, you will lose anyway. One good day, 5 bad ones. One good trade, 5 bad ones. This is how it works unless you get introduced to the club. There is a registration fee and face control.
  10. It was worse.

    This is as transparent as US equity markets have ever been.
  11. what is this?
  12. Turn the machines back on !!!
  13. He has a small point. Most of the stocks with weeklies trade between the strike prices through the week, then the one cool guy with the most money gets to decide where it flatlines on Friday.
  14. Woohoo! Another 1%+ day. BTFD, 100% up room to go, free money$$! :)
  15. Well said!

    Weekly options and a casino in every City. America the [once] Beautiful!

    Thank goodness I make 6-figures doing what I was trained to do at Northwestern ! This stuff is imbecilic! Obviously high IQ and good education is not a precursor to making money trading! LOL

    Bravo to all who can make money [talking consistently here] in this swamp without a mid-6-figure account ! Can't believe I once thought I could actually trade for a "living", got an 89 on the Series 7 and took almost two-years of classes at the CME including and 8-week classes with Sheldon Natenberg. I would have been better-off learning how to throw darts.

    Actually I got lucky and made some on AAPL puts today by working all day and not watching the markets until 2:15 pm CDT. I have to be lucky to make a few bucks because obviously I'm not smart [or irrational enough or disciplined] enough for the insane asylum although I finally have developed a pretty high level of knowledge/understanding of options. Of course if you are dumb enough to ---trade-- AAPL you deserve it if you get hammered any given day. Actually my best underlying is AMZN. Seems to pin every week at or in-between strikes. AMZN actually has "tells" as to what shell it will land under. lol. Of course one-time I was wrong and had the biggest loss all year. So much for pin the tail on the donkey.

    Meanwhile, I got into the stock market via funds [100%] after being 100% cash in my 401(k), back in October 2011, right at the lows/bottom and just began selling last month. That's absolutely true.

    Of course my smaller trading gambling account has essentially made money only for the brokers. LOL. One step up and two back.

    There must be a moral there?!
  16. It was my understanding that it's the bulls and bears who are manipulating the market, and it is the pigs(the ones who don't have a clue what the market will do, but still like to throw their money in) that get slaughtered. Have I been mistaken?
  17. The markets are constantly changing... that is the only certainty.

    Did you ever notice how the "good old days" never last for anyone exclaiming their virtues ?

    At every moment in human history, you always have these bums lamenting about 'the good old days'.

  18. you went to northwestern. ok, that explains it
  19. LOL

    All the idiots on CNBC were bitching about HFT today. They even had Mark Cuban on to bitch. Times have changed. Accept it.