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White House & Capital being evacuated!

  1. per CNBC and local news?
  2. 12:14 FAA tracking unidentified plane -- reason for evacuation - Fox News

    Fighter jets have been scrambled as a precaution

  3. 12:17 White House given "all clear" by Secret Service - Bloomberg
  4. All clear!
  5. probably some hedge fund prick who was short and wanted to scare the hell out of traders by piloting a plane towards the whitehouse:p
    i for one was scared as hell...another 911 on 5/11
  6. Fire drill. Market reaction seems to becoming more and more mild to these types of scares.
  7. White House and Capitol Are Evacuated; Reason Unknown

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    Published: May 11, 2005
    WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Capitol and White House were evacuated Wednesday. War planes were seen flying overhead and security cars rushed away from the buildings.

    Reporters in the White House were told to move to a more secure location.

    President Bush was not at the White House at the time.

    A guard in the West Wing of the White House shouted at reporters, "Go down into the basement."

    "Leave, run," security officers shouted to staff and reporters at the Capitol.

    "This is not a drill," guards shouted as they moved people away from the building.
  8. The Saudis were short 500 S&Ps and wanted to shake out the weak hands:p
  9. America's settling into it's complacent state again. Back to sleep until the next 9/11 or worse people!
  10. That was BS. I just lost 2K in a few minutes and it scared the shit outta me.

  11. how did you lose 2K in a few minutes? You were long lots of ES and it tank on that news? just wondering... :confused:
  12. Thank you for the unexpected gift. :D
  13. LOL!LOL!

  14. Bush has been shorting since reelection. :D
  15. Yes, went long 1-minute before the news on ES and some options a few mintues before that.


    edit: Now that's market timing !!
  16. I got long earlier than you and was stopped out, now 50 + higher, will still use stops anyway.