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Which trading platform do you use?

  1. I am writing a service which is going to dramatically automate the finding of successful trading strategies. The output of the service will be strategy code which can be run in the respective platform. My prototype is almost done and I am trying to determine which platform to target first.

  2. What asset class is this for?
  3. Going to start with stocks, ETFs and futures.
  4. @just21 Thanks a lot for posting that! Yes, that is somewhat similar to what I am building. Licensing their product costs $20,000 per year! Ouch!!
  5. I would add some professional trading platforms to the list like TT, CQG and T4 for Futures. Also, many retail guys use Multicharts, and Sierra. You have a larger selection than listed here.

  6. Good lord holy cow sumbitch phew ohhhhhmigawd ermahGERD, Sheeeee-it.
    There's a 3-4min video there, which bops through their T.S.L. system, its care and feeding (hugely simple) and what it actually does (makes a trading system in less time than it takes to write about it).....

    I am just *humbled* by the intelligence here -- no lie.
    I travel in some pretty high-falutin' circles, and feel perfectly at home.
    But these guys just reminded me of how absolutely pedestrian are my levels of understanding.

    I have got some work to do.
  7. Does anyone use the Redi platform?
  8. Here's all the work you need.

    You get all of what they promise for the low cost of $60,000 upfront...

    There are no free trials, demos, code, software, systems or consulting provided.

    Caveat emptor.

    P.S. Found this in the FAQ...

    "Q. What are the hardware and software requirements for TSL?

    A. 1280 x 1024 screen resolution Windows XP SP3. Windows 7 installer is in expected early 2010.

    Seriously? Couldn't they update their FAQ? They have FAQ answers that are at least 8 years old? Seems to show a lack of care, or attention-to-detail, that would be expected of a service charging $60,000 for an individual person.
  9. Good point @MattZ. Unfortunately I cannot edit the poll. If anyone voted Other feel free to indicate the platform. In all likely hood I will target either NinjaTrader or TradeStation first. I will also generate pseudo code right out of the gate so users can translate to their platform of choice.

  10. I think you should also consider Multicharts using the Powerlanguage code that is compatible with easy language. I only suggest that because I found the auto execution to be very stable.
  11. @MattZ I'll reach out to you via PM to discuss this project further. I could see Multicharts being a first target platform, especially if you have access to users willing to participate in a pilot program.

  12. @fan27 just replied to your PM. I look forward to talking to you.

  13. esignal for charting and study (i operate on derivatives medium term) and to place the order via browser or even on the phone for some market
  14. Personally use ThinkorSwim.
  15. I ran into a road block with MultiCharts with how it calculates what is the first bar that can be used when having and indicator or strategy containing multiple data series of different time frames. The problem resulted in a large chunk of the data set not being evaluated in the backtest.

    Hope to have better luck with NinjaTrader.
  16. Came from OptionsXpress to Schwab, but in the process of switching to ToS.
  17. Redi is great for stocks, decent for options and pretty bad for futures
  18. Built my own from StockSharp and Lean. C# Lang.
  19. tested PTMC recently and was amazed.Shame not so many brokers using it!