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Which is the greatest threat to America?

  1. Foreign or Domestic?
  2. I was going to vote : Domestic, Left wing nut, liberal, drunken, scientology pedophiles - but it wasn't an option.
  3. Time. History proceeds interminably and we are not exempt.
  4. The greatest threat to america is the idiocy of its citizens, those who listen to glenn beck, those who think fox news is balanced, those who thought W was going to restore dignity to the white house. In the last months of his presidency, W had around 30% job approval rating, that means that 30% of the voting public in this country are hopelessly stupid morons.
  5. depends who you ask. oddly, i was speaking to a british guy today and he said tht the USA is one of the most right -wing countries in the world.
  6. I had to choose domestic because the greatest threat to America are the left wing fruitcakes who defend the murders of US Citizens. Hey Optional777, this means you.
  7. I've observed the same thing myself. Many here think our MSM is biased to the left. Until you look at the rest of the planet.
  8. I don't know that we should be listening to the Brits all that much. They had a great empire not too long ago until they let liberalism infect their thinking which caused the un-doing of their empire. The are now a joke on the international stage and only get attention if the US backs them. Its a damn shame what liberalism did to them.

    If we want to defeat the Chinese we ought to export liberalism to them. They will collaspe in no time. Of course we know, the Chinese will not buy into it which means the US, which adopted liberalism, will get the short end of the stick. Ohhh well, liberalism crushes another great country. Ohhh well, it looks like its time to brush up on my mandarin.
  9. As an outsider looking in I would say that the US has no significant external or internal threats yes you are going to suffer terrorist outrages like all the rest of us but the USA is a pretty resilient country. I have probably been interested in US politics since about 1998 and all this Obama is the Socialist Anti-Christ crock of sh*t is as bad as the Bush is Satan claptrap. Americans get over yourselves you have a swell country with people who have decent and common values. I know we blame the media for a lot of our ills but in the case of the USA it’s a fact, never have I listened to much mock outrage and puerility on the subject of politics whether it be on radio or TV.
  10. This countries greatest threat is the lack of independent thought, in other words, the herd mentality and the fact that that herd is outright dumber than dirt.
  11. The politicians are our greatest threat to the country as a whole.

    You are our children's greatest threat.
  12. The Jews :eek: they are the ones who run the u.s.a. not some stupid white boy in a tralier park :eek:
  13. The biggest threat to America, and the world, is the continued unchecked growth of human population. Everything else is a gnat on an elephants back.

    EVERY environmental problem facing humans including water, air and soil pollution, ozone depletion, greenhouse gases, depletion of resources, habitat destruction, carbon-based global warming, species extinction and anything I've left out is caused by human overpopulation and the resulting over-consumption.

    We could solve the problem by reducing consumption but that ain't going to happen. We most likely won't stop the overpopulation problem either because 90% of the human population suffer from the pyschosis called 'religion'. This undermines the rights and power of women to choose when they reproduce.

    Not all is grim though, the planet has been thru worse including 5 previous mass extinctions and life always evolves to fill the niches. Who knows what fabulous creatures will evole on the poisons that we leave behind.
  14. I find people that make asinine statements such as yours amusing.

    I watch Glenn Beck on a daily basis and I watch Fox news because it's not constantly trying to slant things in an anti-capitalistic way with every report.

    If you assume all of Beck's listeners are idiots then I guess you must in order to make yourself fweel better about your chosen ideology.
  15. Greatest threat:

    People that are just like some of my friends. Not stupid, just horribly ignorant and out of touch as to the damage they can cause by voting for socialists, marxists & anti-capitalists, like Obama, Reid & Pelosi.
  16. I'd love to hear their take on you.
  17. No offense, but in the UK aren't you pretty much taxed out the ass because of socialism. Aren't your highest income tax rates around 50% and value added tax (VAT) another 18% on purchases.

    These jokers we've got want to take us down the same road. Screw that.
  18. Hardly , obama and his fools are trying as hard as they can to have our economy revisit the mistakes and despair fdr made of the depression.
  19. Uhh, you mean Hoover, right?
  20. It's not easy being a Libertarian. I have to argue on both sides. :D
  21. Lol
  22. Uhh NO since fdr's folly was similar but on the order of magnitudes larger and longer than hoovers.
  23. Presently the upper rate of tax is 40% and VAT is 12.5% both will probably rise in the next year regardless of who wins the election. UK Conservatives also like to tax heavily. Swings and roundabouts really I still have more disposable income than someone with the same level of earnings than in NY or CA
  24. Wow! 16 votes so far and EVERY one says domestic. The thing is we all have different views in this forum. Some are dems, some are repubs, some are theists, some are atheists, some are rich, some are poor, but we ALL came to the same conclusion so far. What does that say about where this country is heading when we ALL see that this country is going to hell in a handbasket, we just disagree with which party is going to take us there first!
  25. In view of the fact that our miltiary buget exceeds 700 billion per year and accounts for 53% of the WORLD's total military spending, we better not feel threatened by Foreign threats.

    In addition to these outrageous figures is the fact that 7 out of 10 of the next biggest spenders are our friggin' allies. In short, approxiamately 90% of the world's total military spending is is spent by 7 or 8 countries to protect themselves from 1-4 other nations.

    Add to the fact that we are also the world's largest military arms producer and arms exporter makes any fear of 'foreign threats' a ridulous neurosis.

    Since 1950 we are responsible for more civilian deaths on this planet than ALL other MILITARIES and TERRORISTS combined. This should lead any clear thinking person to understand that WE are the largest 'foreign' threat to every other nation. Well, not exactly EVERY OTHER NATION since we only use our military against those who have ABSOLUTELY no chance of defending themselves.
  26. Huh? i dont know where u got 12.5%. VAT is now at 15% temporarily for this year only and will revert back to 17.5 % next year. Also, top tax bracket next year will rise to 50% in the UK. You are right , your shawdow chancellor in the convservative party said even if they came to power, most likely 50% top tax bracket will remain. Funny is so called conservatives party in Uk would not be considered conservative in the USA at all, and labour would jsut be well communist LOL.
  27. My bad your right its 15% I had a spreadsheet up at the same time it looks I had number dazzle.:)
  28. Where you get that information as I am 100% sure that it is not even close to being true. 1-3 million civilians killed by the pakistan army in the bangladesh war of 1971.

    800k Rwandan civilians killed in 1993

    1970s Cambodia...khmer rogue killed as many as 2.5 million civilians.

    Ethiopian Red terror, about 500k civilians killed

    Iraqi kurds killed by saddam estimated at as many as 150k civilians

    Sri lanka killing the tamils...estimated number of civilian deaths about 100k

    Darfur 300k deaths

    Afganistan from 1978 to 1992 by the taliban 1.8 million

    Bosnia 200k

    Uganda 500k

    Angola 500k

    N. Korea 1.5 million

    I could list more, but you get the point. (im also leaving out china PRC in which 77 million killed between 1949 and 1987)

    So just there are you saying that the US has killed more than 10 million civilians since 1950? (87 million if you include china?)

    I dont think so.
  29. I am not counting what one group of people do to another group of people within the same country: civil wars. These things happened here and everywhere else at some time in history. (Although the fact that we are the world's largest arms EXPORTER does put a good part of the bloodshed on US).

    I am referring to the murder of people of one country by the military/terrorist actions of people from another country. So yes, I stand by my claim that we are responsible for over 6 MILLION deaths on this planet since 1950 and this makes us the biggest 'foreign' threat in the world.

  30. Domestic - real unemployment rate > 18% going upto 30+%

  31. Agreed.

    And add ....

    we are the only country to have used nuclear bombs against another and now are the nuclear policechief.

    and recently to have sent a proven, totally innocent country to the stone age - 200k - 1mil. (??) dead. Not a single person in jail yet.

    We are the biggest threat to world peace and the one guaranteed cause of WW3, should it occur.

    our forefathers said to stay out of the affairs of other nations .....
  32. :p
  33. ben like that for 100yrs now :eek:
  34. Biggest threat - - - includes those 'true believers' on the right or left who blindly follow their marching orders - - even though 'their guy' ends up doing the exact same thing 'the old guy' did when he was in office. The biggest threat also includes those apathetic morons who care more about the score of the ballgame or results of 'American Idol' than whats happening to their country. - - -