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Where Does the US Still Lead?

  1. Guys,

    What sectors would you say that the US is still the undisputed leader in? Military and defense comes to mind for example. But we have shed leadership in so many industries that it's becoming a shorter and shorter list at this point. Where are we still king for the foreseeable future?
  2. Oh and don't forget: Toxic mortgages.
  3. how could you- it's our #1 export.

  4. delusion

    USA #1
    USA #!
  5. Selling Dreams and Hot Air!
  6. They lead in having fat asses.
  7. It gave us MCD, which is doing quite well thank you!
  8. US is now the undisputed world leader in new age socialism.

  9. Credit Cards.

    Nobody does it better.

    Oh, and reverse mortgages, now. Seniors that got wiped out in equity markets and lost equity in their homes are big into the reverse mortgage scam.
  10. Debt

    Illegal immigration?
  11. The U.S. leads in putting our children and grandchildren in debt to live beyond our means today and to reward fraudsters and the irresponsible.
  12. Microprocessors
    Data Networking
    Solar Energy
    Aircraft Manufacturing
  13. Yeah but think of the situation Europe is in: much uglier...
  14. Thank you. I was actually looking for something I could research!