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Where are AK and free thinker??????

  1. Not a good day to cut and paste.

    Holy shit, Obama got flipping killed in that debate.

    It's apparently all Lehrer's fault, I guess the president wasn't prepared to answer anything except what color the sky is.

    Boy that was funny watching that absolute dolt get crushed.
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  3. You do know what happens sometimes when too many people take the same side of a trade, don't you?
  4. I got to give credit to AK, he was actually the only one who stuck around after that blood bath, and he called Obama looking shitty from the get go.

    Have yet to see anything from the horses Brass, RCG, or Free thinker though...... I actually took Brass off ignore cause i wanted to see him try to rationalise the debate with one of his shitty, terribly unfunny "one liners."
  5. NO, actually he doesn't.

  6. Romney was on the top of his game last night,Obama wasnt.Romney was great last night but Mrs Romney shouldnt start ordering those white house drapes just yet
  7. It's pretty dark where those guys are right now.

  8. I didn't watch. Why watch if Obama can't have a teleprompter? How could he debate? The guy stands for nothing that most Americans even remotely recognize. His dad: commie, his mentor: commie, his pastor: commie [read up on liberation theology], his college buddies: commies, his career path: street organizer... Commie shit has never "worked" in the sense of "workness" that Americans actually want. It works if you want to form a brand new ruling class and live high on the hog on the backs of everybody else but otherwise it has a long history of being stinko...

  9. Bush /Kerry


    Obama /McCain

  10. People will soon realize that beyond the teleprompter there isn't much there.

    He's not a bright person by any stretch and he proved it last night.

    Romney ripped his face off with facts and just made him look like a fool.

    My hat is off to you AK for sticking around though.

    Z10 is hiding somewhere in a closet in a Scientology building.

  11. this will be hard to accept, so brace yourself.

    yea i couldn't believe it either.. i AGREE WITH BRASS :eek:
  12. Does this mean we should buy Obama around mid October? Ka-Ching.
  13. You think so? I figured he was dead by now.
  14. So that's what that smell is?:eek:
  15. i am here. i was busy so only caught about 10 min of the debate. i will concede romney won but only because he stood up there and told bald faced lies and obama let him do it.

    "my health care plan covers pre existing conditions"
    Mitt's Big Health Care Whopper

    "i will lower rates for the rich and not raise the deficit"
    All you need to know about the Romney tax plan

    "i will create 12 million jobs" no details. magic i guess. and on and on.