When will the bears admit

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  1. that they are simply suffering from a lack of breast feeding as infants.

    Sad aint it.

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    Come to mention it, I've been at the bx teat again since last Friday, when bx's hotel sector helium gave me MAR short, now approaching ten percent better (lower) than that. Milk and helium, umm good! Earlier MAR shorts (not mine, others I mean) doing even better.
  3. How precious. Thats about right though, one 'winner' out of 125 views.
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    More milk, please. Some bx helium, too, before it's all gone.
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    What, no response? Plenty of helium to go 'round. Maybe it's the milk that's run out.
  6. Thats the closest stock777's been to a tit
  7. Yeah, your moms a bit flat chested so she don't count.

    Let me guess, July 2007 reg, prob one of those retards that keeps changing nicks as they discredit the prior ones.

    Even Charles Manson kept his name.
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    I'll let Mr. Gross do my talking today, inasmuch as he and I are on, and have been on, the same wavelength (my thanks to Bloomberg):

    KKR, Blackstone Find `Tide Is Going Out,' Pimco's Gross Says

    July 24 (Bloomberg) -- The cheap financing that fueled the leveraged buyout boom is over, said Bill Gross, manager of the world's largest bond fund.

    ``The tide appears to be going out for levered equity financiers and in for the passive owl money managers of the debt market,'' Gross, chief investment officer at Pacific Investment Management Co. in Newport Beach, California, wrote today in his monthly commentary on Pimco's Web site. The shift ``promises to have severe ramifications for those caught in its wake.''
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    nitro :D
  10. I think you are confusing her with your boyfriend :p
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