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What's the opposite of depression?

  1. I don't mean manic-depressive or bipolar -- just someone who cannot process sadness or has great difficulty in feeling down. Otherwise, the person is normal in every other respect -- any term for it?
  2. one who CANNOT be sad is NOT normal.
  3. Good question...

    sad = happy * -1;
    happy = sad * -1;

    if (sad = depression)
    then happy = x;


    Dude... I have no idea... I'm stumped... can someone smart answer this?
  4. I think he must have met Donny Osmond or Pat Boone recently
  5. Ive only seen proposals for classification of this abnormality.
    (it is abnormal, but not problematic)
    Normally, even if the chipperness is consistent, pathological, theres always a downside in diagnostic terms (or it wouldnt be diagnosed) so its usually lumped in as bi-polarity etc, regardless.

  6. "involuntary perennial optimist"?

  7. I think that your reference to optimism has something to do with it, since depression seems to be associated with a loss of hope. A perennial optimist has hope to spare.
  8. That's pretty much dead on, he is not an excessively cheerful nor annoyingly exuberant person either -- just a very good sense of humor about everything. But I was wondering if he is the way he is because of some slight chemical imbalance, there must be some complementary medical condition to depression out there?
  9. In all seriousness, that notion had occurred to me as well from time to time. I suppose we could all use a bit of that imbalance from time to time, eh?
  10. Yes, I think that is a more accurate statement, and fits here as well. He is always looking on the bright side, many times to his own detriment -- the ultimate "non-worrier". The type who usually takes a long time to figure out he is being taken advantage of by others, yet even when he realizes this gets over it rather quickly.

  11. Didn't know such a person can exist... I would say the person is fake and putting up a front and cries him/herself to sleep often? Just pretends to constantly be happy to hide the real sadness...

  12. Sure they can, but it is a very rare personality type.
    The lower edges..........are the same as anyone else's, but upbeat to an extent, so much more of the time, you really wonder if there not just doing eccies (exstacy)all day.
    What gets really disturbing, is when you find out there not, and you can no longer explain away this subversive, happy behaviour.

    They do exist, absolutelely.
  13. EUPHORIA or possibly ecstasy or elation. weird question.
  14. On Grey's anatomy there was a newlywed woman who was constantly happy. Her serotonin level was high all the time due to a tumor...

    That would be the opposite of depression. Euphoria as it was mentioned...
  15. this has the possibility to ferment into a rather nasty outcome... ever heard of "Going Postal?"
  16. "While a person's overall happiness is not objectively measurable, this does not mean it does not have a real physiological component. The neurotransmitter dopamine, perhaps especially in the mesolimbic pathway projecting from the midbrain to structures such as the nucleus accumbens, is involved in desire and seems often related to pleasure. Pleasure can be induced artificially with drugs, perhaps most directly with opiates such as morphine, with activity on mu-opioid receptors. There are neural opioid systems that make and release the brain's own opioids, active at these receptors. Mu-opioid neural systems are complexly interrelated with the mesolimbic dopamine system. New science, using genetically altered mice, including ones deficient in dopamine or in mu-opioid receptors, is beginning to tease apart the functions of dopamine and mu-opioid systems, which some scientists (e.g., Kent C. Berridge) think are more directly related to happiness. Stefan Klein in his book "The Science of Happiness" links these biological foundations of happiness to the concepts and findings of Positive Psychology and Social Psychology."
  17. how about repression?