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What's More Annoying ...

  1. A. Having your Pandora music stream interrupted by Obama Ads with Obama declaring "I Need Your Help"

    B. Having a corkscrew driven into your temple

    (not to sway the results, but I'm definitely in the A camp)
  2. Ads? Are you too cheap to pay?
  3. I can tune out most ads, it's an involuntary reflex at this point, but I would pay to not hear Obama.... ever fucking again, and that includes all his idiot-liberal-tools... In fact, I'd subscribe to this site, and pay willingly for a "Filter All Liberal Idiocy" checkbox

    and by "liberal" I'm referring to statist, the fools who first defer to the "government"
  4. I never hear ads on my Pandora? I would be kinda shitty tho, it's youtube that makes me mad w all their ads.