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What is a must read/follow resource for newbies?

  1. Hi, i have been trading US stocks and now want to expand my competence with commodity futures. What to start with? Any books or online resources you can recommend?
  2. DOM and TnS
  3. The strategy threads. There's a lot of discussions about the process of deciding how to trade / how to decide when to take off a trade and money management. These questions are as important , if not more important than entries. Also see how much to bet and when to bet (what is the basic math behind when to bet that you should be doing to identify how to improve).
  4. Thanks guys
  5. Depending on which commodity markets you are interested in and also on why you are trading commodities I keep a blog called Not Just Inflation specifically for the ones that I am currently trading like a public trading journal and I will usually post in the Ag Trade ideas forum here. I'm building a website at the moment which I will eventually transfer my blog to which will have two sections the first being current Market updates and trading journal. The second will be generic stuff on Trading and resources on how to trade that I have learnt or other people have told me which I found useful. The website is in my bio on here called commodities Bull market. Maybe if you also post which books you have read then I could suggest some ones you might find of interest.
  6. I'd also ask what made you successful at stocks? What type of analysis did you use as a filter?
  7. Thanks, will have a look at your blog. I have not read any books about trading commodities, only general stuff about stocks trading
  8. Basically, I don't do any analysis, I'm an algo trader and I play with statistics
  9. To be honest I don't think my website would be that helpful because it sounds like you already have a structure or range of structures with which to analyse markets and perhaps you were more trying to find what markers you could use to Orient your analysis of commodity markets - is that right?

    If so probably the main structural difference to commodity Markets which is less prevalent in equity markets is the emphasis on different delivery dates, so trading different contract months or what you would say and interest rate markets as trading the term structure. There is another trader who posts a lot in the ag forum called Tradator who i think is a discretionary swing trader but the way he describes his trades suggests he looks at the term structure / puts on spread trades quite a bit (so buy March contract and sell May contract for the same commodity or other variations relating to demand for sub groups of energy or agricultural contracts).
  10. Yep, exactly. Thanks for advice