What came out of WW2

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  1. What came out of WW2

    - Israel got their own state
    - America got the nazi scientists:



    Project MKULTRA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOperation Paperclip was a program to recruit former Nazi spies, scientists and experts in torture and brain washing, some of whom had just been identified ...

    (after being necessarily drawn into the war by a "surprise" attack on P. Harbor)

    And, 10's of millions of Canadian, UK, and USA and Russia troops lost their lives.
    Was it worth it?

    50 years later it happened again: they used the EURO to invade every countries' money supply.
    If you control the money, you control the country.

    I guess the nazis finally got it right.
    :( :mad:
  2. Had the Nazi's won WW2 do you honestly believe the desert people wouldn't have been exterminated?

    Honestly, you should be thanking the US, Britian, Canada and to a lesser degree France. The Slavs would have been next and then the muslims/ arabs possibly.

    Don't forget Russia was on the side of Nazi Germany until Barbarossa and Russia committed plenty of atrocities in Poland along the same lines as the Nazis that are frequently ignored. Russia by no means was fighting a war of good, they were fighting the only war left for hthem.

    You should not be so short sighted.