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went from 39% to 450% return, looking for prop firm

  1. I am an engineer who started educating myself in the market in 2002. I realized that the market is like horse racing. In 2005 I started trading part time until last week. I finally decided quit my job and trade full time. In 2005 I made 39%, 2006 =110%, 2007 = 145%, 2008 = 220%, 2009 = 450%. My strategy holds no overnight positions. I have talked to a few prop firms, but once you Google them they either have a bad reputation or you have to trade with their strategy or they are trying to charge thousands to teach trading. If there are any traders out that are happy with their prop firm please email me or post it, so I can get the details. I am not licensed. I thank you very much.
  2. Do Prop firms invest with profitable traders?. I mean do prop firms provide capital/money for trading.
  3. With returns like that, why not just trade for yourself. Im sure you would get up to a sizeable account pretty quickly. It may take a little more time, shouldnt be that long with those kinds of returns though. Just my opinion.
  4. Assuming you started with a small $5k trading account, you should have over $600k if you generated those kind of returns. Whatever you were doing, dont change it. You should've stuck to trading part time, kept those returns going and retired in a few more years. Now you will spend too much time on the market, overanalyze, make bad trades, and blow your account.

    Reminds me of the football player that doesnt wash his lucky socks and his team wins every game, then as they go to superbowl, he washes the socks right before the game. Why you want to mess with a good thing? Everyone knows greed kills in this industry.
  5. how could you be up 450% in 2009 when you were stumbling in the market?


    yet the same day you were talking about making $500 / day:

    that would wind up being about 125,000 for the year. at 450%, that would mean you started the year with 23000. in 2008, you made 220%. that would mean you had 7500 the year before. since you were trading part-time, you wouldn't need to take out much for living. and you were making money before then.

    needless to say, those numbers don't add up.

    then, you said your IB account has 70k:
    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=2678485#post2678485 so at 450%, that would mean you started the year with 12700. that 2008 gain would mean you started with 4000. and again, those numbers don't add up.

    and why would you want to ask for information in a place that only 'bashes' you, as you think?

    i don't have the answer to all those contradictions. but then again, i'm not a newbie with no history looking for people to email me their winning systems like in this post:

  6. LOL to poster above me. I've never seen a forum so laden with Bull**it as this one.
  7. Good detective work Gaj.
  8. I was never stumbling, read the post idiot. I was looking to meet traders and help them. People like you are the reason why the world is like it is. I am so sorry I even posted here. I am done with this forum. Everything I read is people like you bashing others. All any one has to do is go to search and type in a user id to read all there post. This idiot gaj did nothing special to find my one old post.
  9. Even if you're legit, why in the world would you want or need a prop firm if you're making multiple hundreds of percent returns every year already on your own? It makes no sense.
  10. The accounts I trade are not mine, I trade 2 accounts at IB. I WANT TO TRADE FOR MY SELF NOW. I thought a prop firm would be a good avenue. I am sorry that i even posted here. Good luck to the ones that are really trying hard to better them selves.
  11. ok; here's the post:
    "Feel free to share where you messed up and maybe <b>we</b> can learn from <b>our</b> mistakes"
    (emphasis mine).

    and yet you continued to post after it.

    everything? i'd suggest remedial reading skills rather than looking for a prop firm.

    but even if all the above doesn't matter, fact is...your numbers don't add up. if your 'system' is so great, you'd need no one else's money. you wouldn't need a prop firm. nearly every successful trader i know, including myself, made their breakthroughs with less than 70k in the accounts.
  12. Quote from mitwave:

    I was never stumbling, read the post idiot.

    No, you tripped over the keyboard and said: stubling

    I was looking to meet traders and help them.

    No, you said maybe we can learn from our mistakes

    But what you really meant was If you believe my paper trading results above, I desperately want you to subscribe to my fantasies so I can build up enough capital from suckers to open a $3,000 real trading account

    This idiot gaj did nothing special to find my one old post.

    Sorry, you were OWNED. The idiot was the one who started this thread. :D
  13. yeah, if you've really gotten those returns, you don't need a prop firm. Sell a car, motorcycle, knick-knacks from around the house and come up with the $3k to open your own account. With those results, you'll be a billionaire in 10-years or so.
  14. what he meant was, the chat boards are like a horse barn and the posters are full of manure.


    450% of this
  15. Doesn't Lescor make 400% per year? And yet he's trading at a prop firm. Why doesn't anyone call BS on him?
  16. Why does" seems like most" Traders want to be a "prop Trader"
    No offense to all the good people who come here to share trading ideas , learn some things and maybe give a suggestion or two. But why in the world would "if it were true" the above want to go to work as a prop trader . Does this person even know what most "prop traders" are these days. They are c^ programmers and the like. Who get there trading parameters from Quant math majors. And statistical and probability gurus. I know of only 2 large prop shops in Chicago who have any discretionary screen traders. The rest is all grey box. Even a proven experienced traders best spit is 50/50. And if your not proven your lot size isnt much more than you could do in retail account with 300 margins for quite some time. With low margins decent platforms and the same market latency as a firm. If you really can trade there isnt even much of a reason to work as a prop trader. I have worked on both trading floors here. And as a "Prop Trader" . And for me. As trading technology and margins rates became better I dont see a good reason to trade for others. And I can say no one is going to fund a "learning curve"
  17. Ok, there seems to be a problem when any one states that they are doing okay. I would like to change my post. With my strategy i lose. I am looking to trade where they offer more buying power then 4- 1. If any one can suggest a firm with a good history I thank you.
  18. no, there is a problem when someone BSes others, knowing there is no possible way they can verify, especially his trading metrics.
  19. Its like a train wreck I cant stop watching
    I have seen others encouraged with success. I think it may be the BS factor First you need to be able to verify results Or hypothetical executions not back tested or system bended very clearly and accurately. Secondly A Prop firm does not use margin calcs there is no such thing as buying power to equity. They use a zero balance account for each trader. And provision limits adjusted by your activity. They don't care about percentage of return to equity in a personal account. That's like comparing apples to oranges . in your discussion of trading methods. Its how do you lose money. what percentage of a move do you capture, risk to reward. Exposure of a working trade whether its profitable or not. adding and scaling stuff like that. My activity thus far today 3 scratches 4 winners 2 losers , 5 tick max loss, 7 tick best winner, narrow channels today so I could not get 2/1 win/loss. Proficiency with basic 101 trading that is what they look for. If your a mechanical discretionary trader "The holy grail worries them" On a break don't trade when cash or locals are at lunch. As I posted above There is no firm that would be interested in funding an experiment or learning curve. One suggestion be sure mention that you need "4 to1"leverage for this method to work :)
  20. You didn't state if these were real profits or paper/sim profits.

    From a post you made on another site, I would guess the latter:
  21. Ah, now we get to the crux. mitwave is trolling for $$$ support. Paper profits appear to be his reality.
  22. I trade 2 IB accounts that are real funds. Yes I was looking for money partner in the beginning. That is how i got the 2 IB accounts. Now i have the data for proof and my own money now to trade for myself. Since I do not have a lot of money I thought a prop firm would give more buying power. I will also keep the 2 IB accounts for my income.
  23. Since when?

    Meaning which, if any, of these returns are based on actual trading results and not SIM:

    2005 = 39%,
    2006 = 110%,
    2007 = 145%,
    2008 = 220%,
    2009 = 450%.
  24. in 2005, 30k account and 2010 70k account. At the end of each month the profits are taken out of the account since there are no over night positions. Then i get paid my part. Since 2002 until 2010 I also traded with IB simulator for testing. It ran side by side with the real account. All i am looking for is help is finding a register firm.
  25. So you started with 30k and had those returns? That you would mean you would have close to $4mil in capital right now and that is assuming no leverage.

    You obviously fail to realize that any credible prop firm would scrutinize your returns. You can write a PM to Don Bright at any time as they do extend a lot of leverage.

    But really, I think it's fairly obvious that your returns are pure BS.
  26. 30000 x 450%= 135,000.
    I wish it was millions. Out of that i get 25%
  27. !?!?!? The numbers you've given, they are *cumulative* returns, not annualized?
  28. Still trying to come to grip with that statement. What does not having overnight positions have to do with taking profits out of the account monthly versus compounding gains by leaving some (or all) of the profits in the account?
  29. You probably may need to re-read your original post. You gave annual returns.
  30. My grandmother used to say that if you're going to be a liar you gotta have a good memory :p
  31. you guys are all right, I am a liar and stupid.

    IF you take 30k and at the end of one year you make 135,000 that sucks.
    I suck as a trader.......
    I am done with this forum.
  32. That's the second time you said you were done with this forum.

    Oh that's right, you've already admitted you're a liar so its all making perfect sense now.
  33. Very weak result for a sim trading.
    I can take sim account from 30K to 130K in a single day.
  34. I thought you started with 30k in 2005 and had amazing double to triple digit returns for 4 years? Is your story changing again?
  35. Second time in the same thread, even.
  36. Not to say he's not lying, but I think what he meant is that he withdrew profits from the account as salary... seemed to be saying he'd start each year back at 30k.

    If that's the case... why don't you just not withdraw the profits, or take less of a draw to increase AUM and trading profits? That is, if you believe strongly in your production ability.