We will go back to horse driven carriage: Fratto

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Do you support gold standard?

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  1. Fratto says We will go back to horse driven carriage before we go back to gold standard.

    Who is Fratto?
  2. There are not enough horses in USA for 300 million Americans.
  3. Mav88


    imagine all the shit shoveling jobs that will create
  4. With all the horse shit coming out of Washington and the Left, there must be MORE than 300 million horses already...
  5. RedDuke


    Isn't it also not a great idea to use a finite commodity for an infinite popation that grows exponentially, and lives much longer due to modern medicine achievements?
  6. Important question-: If gold standard is introduced, will the forex trading business shut down because forex trading involves trading in USD/EUR, USD/GBP, EUR/GBP and other currency pairs.

    Forex trading also involves Gold/USD and Silver/USD trading pair.
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    LOL. Sweet! The economy is saved :D

  8. Forex trading transactions worldwide are worth $3 Trillion per day. That is 40 times the size of Nasdaq. If Forex business shuts down then Obama will beg on the streets.

    Now could someone please tell me if gold standard is introduced, will the forex industry/business shut down/destroyed?
  9. Oh thats easy. He was the hobbit in Lord of the rings.
  10. Yes. Along with common sense and the understanding of market mechanics.
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