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We used to call them bribes...but now they call it lobbying

  1. http://www.getmoneyout.com/

    If you`re a patriot then help petition to remove the lobbyist stronghold on Washington DC. If you`re a sheep then ignore and go about your bah bah businesssss....
  2. if you are a republican vote for gingrich. he made millions playing the lobby game. he would know how to fix it. you think?
  3. I am not a republican...I am not a democrat...voting and politics as they stand currently are shams. I have bi partisan hate of both major parties.

    And by toeing your parties line you have bought right into it. They are all fucking crooks. So take this crap elsewhere.
  4. "However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion."

    GEORGE WASHINGTON, Farewell Address, Sep. 17, 1796

    Yep, you nailed that one George.
  5. And how did Obama's campaign promise work out?
  6. Nicely put.

    Free Thinker back to his usual trolling and assorted bullshit.
  7. thats fine but we dont live in a fairytale land. we live in reality. you are given 2 choices. if you are tired of the lobby industry which of those 2 choices will get you closer to your goal? a president like gingrich who got rich lobbying and a republican congress who is anti regulation and bought and paid for by lobbyists or the other choice?
  8. not so good. the republicans have pretty much boxed him in.
  9. Actually, the answer is simple:
    Never vote for a Democrat.
    Never vote for a Republican.
    Either way, the government wins.
  10. Gingrich - Obama both career politicos = same, same.

    Obama is bought and paid for by the healthcare industry we have his signature to prove it. If he were really for government provided healthcare he would have taken a total 180 in direction for his so called "obama care". Now we are forced to buy something from health insurance companies...far as I know that defines corporate fascism to a T. Obama is owned and if you deny it you`re wearing blinders.

    The peoples petition and pressure will bring an end to the lobbying industry. You do remember that they work for us, right? We do not work for them.

    Every year since I have been 18 I have voted against the incumbent. And I will again.

    Toe that line "freethinker"...
  11. +$1.00
  12. Ah, term limits.
    Such sweet music.
    Now if we could only get the death penalty for bribery...er...exsqueeze me; I mean "lobbying".
  13. It was Jimmmy Hoffa who really got the ball rolling with PAC's. He got the great idea of using (taking) union dues and organizing this into pools of money to shell out to Politicians.It's a mess.
  14. I'll take the president who got rich lobbying and congress that is anti regulation.

    The "other choice" is bought and paid for by union bosses, radical environmentalists, various Occupy nutcases, etc. His policies, if allowed to go forward, will give us a third world electric power grid with utility rates several times what you pay now. Taxes will rise inexorably to pay for lavish compensation and pensions for an ever growing army of government workers and welfare parasites. He will cede much of our sovereignty to the UN or various euro-dominated groups like the WTO and International Criminal Court. Unions will have veto power over business decisions. Health care will resemble a visit to the DMV, with endless lines, callous bureaucrats and shoddy service.

    Your choice is a guy who championed public financing of elections his entire political career until he saw he could raise a lot more money from union goons, Wall Street and various interest groups, so he dropped his promises like a bad habit and sold out to the highest bidders.
  15. all that was done to get something by the republican blockade. if obama were presented with a bill tomorrow to form a public option that would hurt the healthcare industry and kill lobbying for it he would sign it. a republican wouldnt. that is the difference.
  16. now thats interesting since we are almost through obamas first term and none of those things have happened and business itself is enjoying its best times ever in terms of profits.
    do you reside in some kind of alter reality? the only thing obama has proposed is letting taxes for the rich rise to the point they were under the boom times of the clinton administration and in exchange he will sign off on 3 times as much in spending cuts in social programs.
  17. So the chosen one chose corporate fascism, over true socialized medicine just to get "something done"? Has he ever heard of values and morals?

    Open your eyes a bit wider.
  18. I probably dont have to point this out, since you seem to know everything, but Obama has taken more money from wall street then all of the republican candidates combined.
  19. Some choice! One party, republicans, will rob us blind outright, and the other will destroy us through complete incompetence. Great!
  20. In my opinion we should let the bankers and corporate CEO's run the country and we should pay them healthy quarterly bonuses.

  21. you do realize that the top two republican candidates both supported the individual mandate before obama agreed to go along with it in order to salvage some part of health care reform?
    the mandate, before obama liked it, was a long time republican proposal first floated in 92 when clinton tried to reform health care.
  22. Satire?

    If not, then you'd better cut the ties between government and TBTF corporations before you consider this experiment. Backstopping failure is a big part of why we are in this mess to begin with.
  23. I am dead serious, we need to start jettisoning the laborers and the rest of the dead weight. If we only had well paid bankers, and CEO's there never would have been a housing crisis because everyone could have afforded their mortgage.

  24. Hmmm...Personally speaking, I don't think I'd go there, Maxie.
  25. More reason to never vote for a Democrat or a Republican.
  26. Have I not made myself clear party toe`r?

    I do not support the republicans. I do not support the democrats.

    The individual mandate is the cause of the lobbyist efforts. And the fact that Obama signed a lesser bill, with mandate provisions that the top two gop candidates supported makes it even more insidious. There is zero difference between the two major parties.

    I think I have made myself clear.

    Its beer time...done with ET for the weekend.
  27. Hey Free...

    Would you be in favor of a completely government run health care system?
  28. no. i would however be in favor of a government payer of health care financed by a deduction from wages.
    there is no reason to have an insurance company as a middle man skimming off 30% of health care spending as private profit just to do the paperwork of paying the bills.
  29. Gee, that's pretty close.
    I am in favor of a complete government takeover, or something like you are suggesting.
  30. i am in favor of something like medicare. i know medicare works. i have had 4 parents go through the medicare system and they recieved excellent care. we just have to reform it so it is self sufficient.
  31. Even liberals and conservatives can agree on some things.
    I can't understand why we have trillions of dollars to flush down the toilet in other countries, yet we have people all over the country who suffer because they can't pay for decent health care.

    If we have medicare and the VA system, why can't everyone else be taken care of???---Because of politics, that's why.
  32. that is just a minor detail.

  33. I've talked to very sincere people who ask the same question. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I think it' s mainly a question of costs. Let's not forget that medicare is essentially broke. So while the model of having a government-administered insurance system provides OK care for many, it gradually becomes a monster that consumes the entire budget. And I say works for "many." Where I live, plenty of doctors refuse to accept medicare patients. Too much hassle and too low reimbursements. I hear varying reports about the VA system. Some say it is good, but then you hear horror stories.

    The other problem is the creeping nature of bureaucracies. NASA once put a man on the moon, and in a pretty short time after they set the mission goal. These days it wastes so much money and accomplishes so little, there is considerable sentiment to defund it. Do we really want to turn over control of health care to government drones and whichever pols manage to get themselves elected? The thought scares me. It will be like getting a liquor license in chicago. Your chances depend on how many pols you have funded, etc.

    I do agree with your point about pissing away money on crap like nation-building in afghanistan when we have programs here that people depend on going broke. Roin Paul made the identical point in a debate.
  34. Well said, i just wanted to comment on this one point....

    There is going to be 10,000 boomers retiring per day for the next 20 years, i would love for anyone to tell me how we are going to figure out those numbers as it pertains to medicare.....It is suicidal to try for universal healthcare, when medicare is already going to bankrupt us, unless we take drastic measures. Obamacare is probably the most irresponsible piece of legislation ever passed in the history of this country.

  35. I have a few friends from Canada, and when they tell me how it is done up there, I think, no way can we do that down here. Sometimes you have to wait weeks to be seen for something as serious as a lump.

    What needs to be done is to go after Big Pharma, and to get frivolous lawsuits under control. Do you know what it costs to carry mal practice insurance?

    That is what needs to happen.
  36. What BS. You haze ZERO intellectual honesty and not one shred of unbiased objectivity.
  37. You are right. Corruption in both parties runs rampant. WE NEED RON PAUL .
  38. +1

    10 % deducted from your paycheck to buy into medicare would be a great solution imo
  39. You are wrong then as he is the only one i trust he will change a thing or two.
  40. Paul has said as President he wont support them militarily
  41. Get this!

    Dem NY Gov unified previoulsy fragmented supporters ....

    "...lined up campaign dollars for the 4 Republicans willing to risk their seat by bucking the conservative wing of their party".

    -------- Looks like Dems lined up money for Reps --------

    Well who needs lobbyists when we have the opposing party lining up dollars to buy each other off.

    stay tuned ....

    Once upon time..... a bipartisan dollar...came to town.....and all the Kings horses and all the Kings men helped themselves.....

    Ya know Wall Street will screw you, take your money and you can walk away. Politicians will take your money and screw you over with policy too!
  42. No, the NDAA is. As far as the short answer: we're not. Voters are wedded to their delusions. Mere talk of fiscal sanity is quickly attacked by the idiot underclass who never saved for retirement and hold zero health insurance. The broader economic implications mean little to them. What matters is the productive class are robbed so the unprepared and lazy can live out their golden years, undisturbed in geriatric bliss.

    The unfortunate reality is a dollar collapse is around the corner. At that point, the entire country will turn upside down, with the poor and those on fixed-income, taking a financial gang-raping of a lifetime.