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  1. This time its different.. huh.?

    well , here is my statement.. watch action this week.. and then next.

    my take is.. simple... in next week. it will sell off. so that max pain for all call buyers... but after they have taken off all put buyers this week..

    he he.. pain . point.. pinning.. u can call it any name..

    next week will be sell off.
  2. max pain for put buyers too.

  3. any actual reasoning behind this or are you a self proclaimed market nostradamus?

    this board is such a joke. thank god for the daily hottie thread.

  4. The "max pain" theory is a joke.

    Now link us to the daily hottie page please
  5. just look at last 6 months. and look at the OE week. look how stocks start out with a bang but are tightly held in OE week. or fall..

    then offcourse after expiration, its another beast.

    here is an exercise someone can do , or point me to.

    can someone overlay the last 6 months.. SPY performance for the 10 days prior to expiration each 2 week period. lets see how that will look.
  6. MTE



    You haven't visited the daily hottie thread yet!?:confused:
    Here you go Daily Hottie.

  7. I found it yesterday, nice little pick me up! Thanks!!!
  8. Looks like folks are trying to keep GE right smack between the 16 and 17 strike.

    So Max Pain is going to be for the long 16 puts and the long 17.5 calls next week.

    And serious pain for the 16 Call holders

    Lots of Contracts on the 15 puts and 17.5 calls

    Ge going down faster than a Thai hooker for 650 baht.
  9. Put or call is meaningless you're either long the strike or short it.

    Long the 16 put and long stock is the samething as long the 16 call. Max pain is a useless notion. Long the 17.5 call and short stock is the same as long the 17.5 put. Every pro who trades and makes markets in those manages it the pretty much the same way they're either long the strike or short the strike, put or call does not matter.
  10. You are thinking too much. :)

    Joe Six pack buys 25 contracts (pays 1.30) for the March 16 puts and His position today is 8 pennies, Joe is feeling the pain if he is still holding hoping for some 4th quarter comeback miracle to happen with the clock ticking down and not much time left in the game.

    Like the Dolphins vs Jets 37/40 Monday night miracle.
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