Watch a prop trader swinging $100,00+ days

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    Jigsaw Trading are really happy to announce the addition of an amazing set of videos to their Institutional package.

    Look over the shoulder of one of the best proprietary traders in the world as he talks us through 6 hours of trading action over some of the most volatile days in recent history.

    There's no 'dead spots' in the 6 hours - it's all action as we go over trade after trade with voice over explaining exactly what's going on and why the trades are being placed.

    And it all took place on the trading floor of a proprietary trading firm late in 2018. So if you think day trading is just for the small money, then you'll be floored at the 6 figure days a prop trader can turn in.

    In itself, this has a huge amount of value but it's just part of a package that Jigsaw recently put together to help traders understand how professionals operate in real trading institutions - in terms of technique, execution tools and most importantly the feedback loop to help you understand the impact of any changes you make to your trading.

    Highlights of this package are
    • 6 hours of live trading videos from a professional prop trader
    • Price Ladder training course - that takes you step by step through 20+ setups that prop traders are using today, the conditions each works best in and many drills to hone your skills
    • Lifetime access to our professional level platform
    • 17+ hours of beginner-> advanced education from Jigsaw
    • 1 year "live trade" interface
    • 1 year pro-license to Journalytix trade analytics - so you always know your strengths & weaknesses
    • Access to the jigsaw team 1 on 1 and via our chat room
    In short - the tools and education to get where you want to be and the people to help if you hit a plateau.

    For more on this great package click here
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  2. tzachi


    Should say: pay to watch.....
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    Yes - it is an exchange of value for a small amount of money.

    You think we should register as a charity? It's worth a thought...
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  4. schweiz


    Probably a lucky shot. If not then you can show us at least 10-20 of these days that happened in 2018.
    So this man makes over 25 million a year? If true, people would stand in queue, and it would never be explained for such a "small amount of money". In fact he would never explain anything to not endanger his edge ( a gold sh*ing donkey).
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    Actually, this 'lucky shot' was more than a week of trading. Trading a number of instruments. Consistency is evident over that course of time.

    Here's a day of trading.... Obviously a good day.

    Trades.png Trades2.png

    It takes a lot of time before a firm will give a trader that much size to trade. The size traded is a result of consistency over years.

    As for endangering his edge. Trading isn't an 'epiphany' driven activity. You don't trade poorly one day then "get it" and be profitable with some secret edge the next.

    Trading is a skill. But most are looking for magic bullets. Hence the assumption that 'edge is secret'.

    It's like saying that if Michael Jordan told people his magic formula for dunking, then everyone could be Michael Jordan. That's not the case with any skill.

    I get that you are a little jaded given what the trading world throws at you. This is something that most have not really been exposed to as the prop world/fund world is not something they have access to. So when that's opened up to you a little, you are naturally skeptical. My advice for all traders is to try to get some exposure to this world so you really start to understand what's possible and not.

    As for this being a "small amount of money" - that is something we can both agree on.
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  6. CALLumbus


    More knowledge and usefull stuff in this one post than 10 average threads on this forum. But people want to keep looking for an easy way, shortcut, tricks, gimmicks ... good luck to all of you, keep looking.
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  7. schweiz


    This quote from you suggested to me that the profit (6 figures) was made in 1 day:
    But it apparently was not like that.
  8. lindq


    Given that the majority of traders fail - and for the sake of balance - I look forward to the videos of prop traders losing their savings.


    Translation, we are fuxxing close to going belly up and our last attempt is to trick 2000 bucks out of unassuming idiots.

    P. S. You can't even spell your own thread title correctly

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    2000 dollars for a video? You are out of your mind mate.

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