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Warren Buffett's interview on CNBC..

  1. He's smart. He continues to say nothing in interviews.

    "The Big Whale" huh? What could "The Big Whale" be?
  2. This "large acquisition" talk from Buffet is quite a departure. First off, everyone and their brother has been doing large acquisitions over the past two years. you would think Buffett would have been first to the mega-buyout party, not last. Second, U.S. valuations are completely out of line with his valuation methodology. If he were to make a large acquisition, I think it would be international.

    Has anyone applied for his CIO apprentice position?
  3. I couldn't agree more.

    I do think it's going to be a record-breaking acquisition.. $46 billion is a lot of cash...
  4. Liz Clayman acts like she's a gitty 16 year old school girl talking to the high school football quarterback.
  5. Haha.. yeah she does.. Hummer backstage for stock tips??? He did have a shitgrin on his face.....
  6. As of Dec. 2006, He (Mohnish ) has returned an annualized 26.2% since inception in 1999, not too bad...
  7. Perhaps he's turning bearish and is just trying to cover his tracks with this kind of talk.
  8. Maybe Warren just needs a replacement so he can live out his one true dream
  9. Maybe Buffett is gonna acquire Pfizer. :D
  10. I think he will purchase a carve-out or spinoff of some sort. Something that does not have a clear value, not publicly valued, that he can purchase without other bidders.

    That was funny how the Fast Money crew was trying to game his next target. Please! Like the Buff would ever buy WLP! Warren Buffett is like Al Pacino in that movie Devil's Advocate - Never let them see you coming!

    You ain't gonna see him coming.......
  11. "You ain't gonna see him coming......."

    Haven't been up on the news on WEB, but I would venture a guess it would be utilities. I think he may be there already (seems I read something last year?). Not like we can import electricity, there also was another reason which I have forgotten, a regulation or tax treatment that made utlities favorable for an investor like him.

    I thought the British were buying some american utlities. Sorry for the vagueness of the thoughts. At the time when I was following this line of thought on WEB next purchase, the time frame was not really what I was looking for and since have moved on.
  12. Some very good commentary... Energy is a strong possibility with Buffett...
  13. Appropriate enough, that would make him very late.


  14. Timing, Timing, Timing..... :D He has some great timing...