Warning - Charlie Vaccaro is back! Element Trading

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  1. Just Saw this on craigslist!!!


    Charles: Is this your new venture? For how long do you want to make newbies believe that you actually care about them ?

    Is what you doing legal?

    I think people can get a good picture based on your previous companies:




    and many many more....

    WOOOOW ! :) You are so talented!!!!!

    $2,922.28 in 7 Trading Days Trading 100 share lots !!
  2. Vaccarro and Velez are the squirrels of prop trading. Always ruining other people's garden.
  3. This type of scum has an overwhelmingly strong tendency to find a way to set up one shady operation after another until they're finally placed behind bars where they belong.

    However, they usually know better than to stamp their own tarnished name on the newest venture, preferring to hide behind unknown sock-puppets instead.

    Where is the SEC? We've all paid them a king's ransom in fees over the years, purportedly so they could have the proper resources to protect the public by shutting down these types of frauds. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. jem


    well stated.
  5. I am wondering how come he is still in business?

  6. "You could fly the entire 3000 person SEC staff to Fenway Park, sit them inside the stadium for an afternoon, and they would not be able to find first base.”

    ~Madoff whistle-blower Markopolos, in his official Congressional testimony.
  7. I am really curious what is your new plan and marketing tools?

    Can I attend via Webinar and online? ;-)

  8. Is there a way to report him to the SEC to stop his shenanigans before he screws over too many people?
  9. did anyone attend the webinar? sorry i missed it, will sign up anyway as anything named FIDO......

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