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Wanted Book: "The Greatest Bull Market in History" by Martin Armstrong

  1. Hi,

    Im after the book written by Martin Armstrong,

    "The Greatest Bull Market in History"

    If you know where I might get this, please let me know.


    Liam O...
  2. Anyone know where I might locate this book?
  3. Go to www.abe.com and register. Then put the book on your "wants" list. You'll get an email when an abe seller lists it.
  4. incredible,the interesting threads that do appear on theET board.

  5. Thanks guys.
  6. Thread necromancy, here we go!!!!!

    The guy is an interesting fellow:

    Martin A. Armstrong

    The Forecaster

    "Martin Armstrong, once a Wall Street-based financial advisor, was arrested on charges of orchestrating a 3 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, which he still disputes to this day. After 11 years in prison, he's ready to set the record straight."
  7. If he is the copyright holder, he could just scan it and put it up for sale as self published on Amazon... Cheaper and easier than messing with publishers...

    Anyhow here it is for a monthly fee accessible in pdf on scribd.com:

  8. Guy reminds me of the poster Nitro. Is nitro Armstrong?
  9. Does URF hate Nitro or is it just success that he hates?
  10. Interesting thread, but if anyone buys into it... it seems that the magic premise has already been disclosed -- 8.6 year repeatable cycles calling turning points
    (8.6year * 365 days/year) ~ 3140 days or 1000*pi

    It should be fairly easy to construct a plot with 8.6 yr interval overlays to convince yourself that there isn't much to this mysterious secret.

    P.S. Not meaning to troll, as I realize this is just a thread seeking a book.
  11. Are you saying Armstrong market success was just luck ? I am willing to consider this possibility -- what are your facts?
  12. As I said, if you accept that a big part of his secret equation dealt with 8.6 years, it is easy to convince yourself of its truth by simply overlaying vertical lines every 8.6 years on a long term plot of Gold or markets and see if it coincides at all with any major turning points in the last several decades since he has been away. I would highly doubt it.

    I know a lot of followers get offended by casting doubts, but again, he left enough evidence to test that major premise, IMO.

    Regarding his success, I can't say about him personally, but I've seen a lot of people ascribing success to Pretcher, who had many false calls that were easily falsifiable.

    Incidentally, you can add every 4.3 years (1/2 cycle) to the Armstrong Economics 8.6 yr review set to get...

    turning points.
    "1934.05" "B"
    "1938.35" "T"
    "1942.65" "B"
    "1946.95" "T"
    "1951.25" "B"
    "1955.55" "T"
    "1959.85" "B"
    "1964.15" "T"
    "1968.45" "B"
    "1972.75" "T"
    "1977.05" "B"
    "1981.35" "T"
    "1985.65" "B"
    "1989.95" "T"
    "1994.25" "B"
    "1998.55" "T"
    "2002.85" "B"
    "2007.15" "T"
    "2011.45" "B"
    "2015.75" "T"
    "2020.05" "B"

    ..take it as you will. But I also thought he called the 87 inflection point on a dime? Yet, on their website they only mention that 89 called the Japanese inflection point?
  13. I've watched the film. There seems to be much more going on than the 8.6 year cycle. And it's that 'more' that is not revealed.
  14. I can appreciate your interest in and knowlege of this topic but I thought u and others might like to know I believe yardbird is the legendary troll @marketsurfer.

  15. I watched the movie over the weekend.
    Really good. It sounds like he pissed off the wrong people.
    His website, Armstrong Economics; is very interesting.
  17. Martin Armstrong The Forecaster trailer

  18. Where did you get that Pi was based on Martin Armstong? I loved Pi, but would be very surprised to find out this was true. Far as I know, it was a work of fiction.

    As an aside, that out of sample point I posted a while back looks like it already failed.
    And that's just one OOS point already failing.
    "2015.75" "T"
    "2020.05" "B"