Walter Scott Bruan RIP

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    According to his facebook page Walter passed away. I do not have any details. RIP to a legend.
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  3. Any facts on this story

    Any facts at all??


  4. I have a contact lives in NYC. journalist there. works for will put you in touch with him for the scoop.
  5. just the facts please,

  6. lololololololololol................. welcome back, surfie

    i don't know why the other thread was closed. this story is true and it is walter scott bruan. the asian guy is paul chun who was friends and a fellow drug user...and he was a trader at worldco back in the day (you can look him up on finra). the house walter was living in was rented, and could have been his "funhouse" because he was bringing his fellow drug user up there.

    there has been a lot of condolence letters to walter on his facebook page. granted, many of them were sent by people who may have simply been recently "friended" by walter, but there were enough names to confirm his demise...such as Sloan Bruan (sister) and John Miller (ex-CEO of worldco).

    if you still don' believe this story, please explain why. i initially had my doubts when the story broke out, but with Hojin (Paul) Chun's involvement, and all the condolences on facebook, it leaves little doubt.
  8. The problem is, that the news reports are saying "Police say 42-year-old Walter Braun, of Scarsdale, exited a limo after a dispute"

    And the WorldCo gang is

    "NASD Fines Worldco and Four of Its Owners $1.5 Million for Co-Mingling Operations with a Hedge Fund; CEO Barred, Three Others Suspended

    Washington, DC — NASD announced today that it had fined Worldco LLC of New York, NY, and four of its owners $1.5 million for failing to separate Worldco's business operations from the business and operations of PTJP Partners, a hedge fund. John G. Miller, Worldco's CEO, was barred from serving as a principal of a securities firm for three years. Peter Bruan, founder of Worldco, was suspended for 1 year, and his sons, Walter Scott Bruan and Christopher Bruan, were suspended for 4 months and 15 days, respectively. Miller was fined $250,000, Peter Bruan was fined $100,000, Walter Scott Bruan $50,000 and Christopher Bruan $30,000. Each of the four is a part owner in the firm and their fines are part the $1.5 million"
  9. If you think the mispelling of a name, or a misttatement of age-by a half ass newspaper is more conclusive evidence that the guy's sister and 100 or more others leaving condolances on his Facebook page, or the other passenger being a registed Worldco trader then you're way more trusting of the media's accuracy than I am. Most of the time that I'm reading a media account of something I posses first hand knowlege of, there's one or more factual errors. In this case "Braun" is an infinately more common name/spelling than "Bruan" and the age is pretty close.

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    why are u posting the above. it is completely irrelevant . the issues mentioned are minor while providing no additional information regarding the current situation.
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