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Volente's Bar and Grill

  1. Welcome to the bar and grill
    Enjoy the bottomless mojitos and feel free to post any trades or commentary related to ES, SPY or SPX.
  2. I'm bearish for a retest of 1100-1120 from 1192-1210 area

    Currently short from 1190 and will add at 1200 and 1210 if we get there

    Stop is 1220
  3. why in chat?
  4. Because alcohol and video posting is prohibited in the journal section
  5. What are the hours for your establishment?
    Will people be allowed to post after 2 a.m.?
    Do you provide security in the parking lot?
  6. Does "bottomless mojito" refer to a senorita?

    Count me in! :D
  7. .... the end of ES journal ... nice

    : 0 )
  8. AHAAAAAA....!!!

  9. Hey Vol, pass me another Sprite.
    After today's price action, what do you envision for Wednesday?

  10. 24/7 underground open bar

    concealed carry is welcome here

  11. That would be a mojita my friend

  12. How about some a red bull and grey goose ?

    up 1216

    down 1156

    Tomorrow I think we could trade down to 1172 on cash

    For now looking to cover my short trade at 1153 ES

  13. Good call Vol, beers on me
  14. the grill was definitely on today
  15. A mojito for breakfast with a chaser of V8. The local bartender is looking for senoritas and 1178
  16. ahh. the mojitos bar? Time to order breakfast
  17. i'll have Guajiro (eggs with red & green peppers and ham), bacon, and tostada
  18. why 1178 ?

  19. DEMTDAYBOYZ want green :eek:
  20. Hola Amigos! Time for Mojitos!
  21. [​IMG]
  22. DEMTDAYBOYZR$ Free green mojitos all night long
  23. arrancate wey!
  24. Vol....Hmmm...(Excuse me....sipping on this vanilla Dr. Pepper.)...
    Vol...We all know that you are da man with the magic 8 ball.
    So, what's it gonna be tomorrow (Friday)?
    You think we are looking a bit "toppy"?
    Or, is Mr. Market just trying to throw a head fake?

    Is it too late to order some onion rings?
  25. 4 days of distribution with a gap below

    I may be drunk but I am sure the hell not buying

    5 minute descending triangle throwing out 1184 es

    daily charts screaming short term top and retest of 52 es gap fill with 50% around 1143

    working on installing a stripper pole for the bottomless mojitos
  26. saw it but did not trade it

    anyone want to guess where the ihs plays out to ?


    moving stop to 1221

    may have to start charging a cover charge
  27. Buenos días


    I'll be having, Huevos rancheros

  28. Mokele's droppings for me. And a pint of lager.
  29. 50% retrace from 1373.5 to 1068 is right there too...

    as good a turning point as any!

    would breakfast come with a cover charge?
    either way, I think I'd better stop trading and go eat!
  30. Buenos días!

    Too early for mojitos yet, I'll have a carajillo - it helps me put on trades :D

    Looking forward to short at 1120 - contingent on EMG's calls, of course :p

  31. my guess is at least 1225 - 1230

    expect it to start turning up again in 20 mins
  32. Crap, can't make up my mind as to whether to short the bounce or buy the dip...

    Vol, more alcohol, please!
  33. get long CL its going to 88
  34. He, who stops the flow of rivers, is now 150% short and will be increasing to 300% net short (3-1 leverage) as the market drops. Mokele-Mbembe will cover his position when the market goes into crash mode, within the next 3 weeks. It's inevitable that he will profit, because he can also stop the flow of rivers.

    He, who stops the flow of rivers, cannot use a price stop, due to his size, he simply moves the market. It's easier.
  35. Vol, are you going to hire a bouncer? Just asking :D
  37. Good call, Kid, even if it didn't reach 88 - looked down to me at that moment - hope you made some cash.
  38. stopped out on my swing by the IHS boyz
    Lesson of the day. If you are short and fighting the fed then it is imperative to scale out when a trade is profitable.
    I still think we pullback from 1220-30 spx area to around 1156 to fill gap

    Then a rally to 1350 as long as 1150 on spx holds

    Now who is buying me a mojito?
  39. You do not deserve to drink a Mojito. Your IHS analysis said long and you stubbornly stuck to the short side. You got stopped out on the day that you needed to start shorting, exit longing.

    Go to the soup kitchen next door and get in line (first to eat/drink watery soup and then to help with the serving).

    Short more ES!. Bring me a Mojito!. Si. :cool:
  40. Vol, have a jug of Devil's mojito on me.

    Also, the bouncer called in sick.
  41. Hacker in the house?
  42. Si.
  43. short from 1222.5

    stop is 1233

    will add at 1224.75

    first target is 1200
  44. filled at 22.5


    and added last position at 26.75

    avg is just under 1225

    stop adjusted to 1133.5
  45. Assume you mean stop at 1233.5?

  46. yes

    scaled out half at 1216.5

    stop trailed to 1225
  47. buenos días!

    Time for Café Cubano

  48. ???


    ¡Arranquense, caramba!

    Nice trade, Vol.
  49. Hey, volente, I caught Rowshan trying to sneak into the bar. I figured you wanted him tossed, so I did.
  50. Hola Amigos! Time for Lunch! What is everybody ordering?

  51. filled at 1200 on rest


  52. it's big and green amigo
  53. Go F... yourself.

    #2 in the jukebox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfE_98yy2iw
  54. And I thought I was getting old... (wink, wink) :D :p

  55. I'll have schizo clean the spittoon

    Hola Amigos!! Time for Mojitos!! Yo volente and pushpull, let have some mojitos and cigars while we wait for magna serve us some appetizers!
  56. [​IMG]
  57. The main reason they are called Suckers is, at trading, THEY SUCK!.:confused:

    Not to be confused with emg sucking on a fine Cohiba. Are those the Lewinsky size, emg?.
  58. So where are the señoritas?

    This bar starts to look like Penisland :D :p
  59. [​IMG]

    here comes the women!

  60. hola bebe

    1185 - 1188


    Then 1150- 1152

    drink up

  61. I likes the women's.
  62. Are you a MexiCan or a MexiCant?.
  63. Hola!

    IMO we are near the monthly highs for October/November. Looking for a 4 week decline into a possible crash window. The move will certainly be very visible in the weekly charts, at least. Long side only for scalpers.

    Hold shorts ES. Si.

    #89 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd0PYR9Yl0g&feature=related
  64. buenos días!

    Time for coffee


  65. Hola! Me no loco. Have some Café Cubano. Best of the kind
  66. Have a macho coffee, compadre!

  67. i like the one on the left with the big rear end :D
  68. Then I'll take the tall blonde one (third from the right) :D
  69. So far so good
  70. This market smells like a stinker today.
  71. Hola Amigos! Time for Jukebox #1. si si
  72. Hola Mr. Bartender! We have guests!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/jyV68xKEj28" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  73. Lunch!

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lEXZ2hfD3bU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  74. Hola perinola!. Short more ES!. Si.
  75. 23 on the long. See if the short will pay me 50
  76. Nice call and trade.

    Your amigos at the ES thread would love to know what your reading of the opex is.

    Thank you. :)
  77. friends, i'm long the market
    shorts, time to die.
  78. You should mate with stock777. Imagine the heterosis.

  79. Don't worry, you'll be paying me with your bank account instead of your mouth :)
  80. Your ass will look like a clown's mouth shortly.:D

  82. Hows that short ? Thanks for your money. I'll be sure to <b>waste it.</b>

  83. uragenius. Short more ES!. Si.
  85. Hola! Somebody forgot to pick up their ATM receipt

  86. Just WATCH the mark down. And learn.:D
  87. Mojitos time!
  88. I'll pass on the drinks. It's going to be a long night of hitting bids and marking down...:p
  89. Kaplan both played and managed until the mid-'80s, when he became so widely recognized he could no longer walk into a casino. After that, he and his partners mostly stayed put and handled strategy, logistics, and finances remotely.

    hard to form a company when the house has the blackbook

  90. You win for today for a huge error on my part.
    Wasn't my strategy problem , was an overlook problem, I'll make it back.
  91. I win because that's what I do. I'm a winner. You lost because that's what you do. You're a loser.:p

  92. Fact is , nobody won, you lost money because of your strategy.
    I lost money cause of a trading error.

    guess who will win in the long run.
  93. No need to guess...:D
  94. :p
  95. Still bearish



  97. gap fill,right shoulder,resistance met after touching cleavage,take your pick,you have the op ex cheat sheet in your back pocket
  98. Can't wait for the weekend mojitos
  99. Hey, Ammo, stay away from Vol's girl!!!

    :D :p
  100. buenos días!

    Coffee Time

  101. Buenos dias!. Hola!. Buy ES!. Si.
  102. :p

  103. Hola Amigos. Lunch Time!. Time to go next door!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/svSGKJFSl-8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  104. Bring'em on!!!

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/5RFxGn6C6ak" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  105. Yo EMG meet me at the bar and grill :)
  106. Yo guys. Good bye. Not even this place is free from censorship.
  107. Hola! I am here at the back eating my second soup
  108. Hola! pushpull, u must pullpush!
  109. I got stubborn and it cost me. I should have known better.
  110. looking for 1190-1200 from 1211-1215
  111. 15 retest of pre break down neckline done.

    Nice call.

    What's next? =)
  112. buenos días!

    Coffee Time

  113. Hola Amigo. Nice breakfast!

  114. Hola!

    What are you reading? :)
  115. Lunch!!!


    LF, it looks like a dictionary to me, aprende español, amigo, mucho bueno.
  116. Not exactly a soup question. Is it?.:p
  117. Still around?

    Are you cleaning the spittoon today also or how did it go?

    I got me some dollarz to spend on mojitos today, unless the gambler in me wastes it by 04:00. Maybe I better make a deposit at the counter just in case. :)

  118. Happy hour starts soon

    all you can drink mojitos

    and bottomless senoritas for my amigo EMG

  119. Si!.
  120. a rally from r10


  121. 1292.5 - 1216.25

  122. Typo??? :confused:
  123. New señorita in casa Volente

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ceI-8iu-DEE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Where's everybody? You would think that with mojitos, nice ladies and great calls this place would be packed... :confused:
  124. are coconuts included with the proper mojito?
  125. Mojito, what mojito, what are you talking about? :confused:

    :D :p
  126. coconut mojitos! hmmmmm
  127. Hola Volente! is this your new evening shift bartender?
  128. 1 point profit!. Si.
  129. Jacuzzi before breakfast. Si!.
  130. Short 23 Stop 1231 target is 1211.75
  131. The wonders of the "ignore" button. hehehe.
  132. What the hell? :(
  133. buenos días!
  134. Vaya con Dios!
  135. Vol, what are the magic opex numbers, pretty please? :) :D


    Breakfast on me, EMG and LF!

  136. Looking very bueno!

    Gracias! :p
  137. Lunch!

    Where's EMG? :confused:

  138. Retorted 1230. Stop 37. Target is 1212
  139. 1212 today?

    Please say yes.

    I`m not too optimistic. :)
  140. Mokele Mbembe is thinking about 1185. A bit ambitious perhaps, but he is the one that stops the flow of rivers, not me.:(
  141. I don`t see him yet, but if he appears, I guess his appearance will be known. :eek:
  142. I got a bunch of red colored hair today. I think it belongs to his ass, but it may belong to one of his victims. He is a very strange and elusive fellow.:D

  143. Stop trailed to entry. Target 1212
  144. Shake em up shake em up put them in a blender. Sell em off from 32 cash to pay the bartender
  145. rrr10
  146. That was good and the right move:cool:
  147. tonight's special. Water with lime. :)
  148. Speaking of fruits, I think I saw a herd of them walking into the ambience bar next door. I wonder how many of them entered here by mistake.:p
  149. Yo Vol, you ever gonna have any live bands play here?
  150. Feliz cumpleaños para eudaemon!!
  151. Looking for a short term top between 124 - 125.5 on spy

    downside is 112-115

    on ES my calculations have a max high of 1246.5 for the week

    Will short 1144-46.5 with a stop at 1161.5
  152. Why not a complete gap fill above @ 1250,75 if we start trading above 40 in RTH? :eek: :p
  153. "I have decided to delay this year's October crash till November. Why?. Because, I can." Mokele Mbembe-Lake Tele-Sunday, October 23rd, Midnight.
  154. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living some else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma--which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your intuition." Steve Jobs-RIP

  155. buenos días!

    Coffee Time

  156. r10 is your friend
  157. :p

    35-45? :eek:
  158. 10:30 reversal

    meet me at the bar and grill EMG
  159. Hola Volente!

    What about this? :(


  160. :eek:

    I'm short from 46.5 and added at 49.5

    stop 1261.5
  161. Hola Amigos! Lunch Time

  162. Good luck. Possibly looking to enter myself very soon.

    Do you consider the gap above filled?
  163. Si!
  164. I have decided, unilaterally, to promote you to the best trader in Scandinavia. It's not a big promotion considering the Finnish, but nonetheless...:D
  165. Thank you for that small promotion. :)

    Now, where is Mokele Mbembe? :(
  166. He'll probably get short next thursday. Bastard must be long.:mad:
  167. I still think there is time for him to show up from here. :cool:
  168. Are those arepas? You, Sir, are a connoisseur!

    Busy all day with paperwork. I hate communists.
  169. Mokele Mbembe! :eek:
  170. Nope. Couple of hippos.:)
  171. 37-38 is what I see on the plate
  172. Is this him?

  173. By tomorrow?

    That`s not asking too much. Not looking for a bigger down move from here, no?

    Good luck. :)
  174. Euro is forming an important top here.

    Once 1.37 is breached, there is no real support until 1.34 or lower.

    That implies a drop of at least 50 to 60 pts in ES from today's high at 53-54 area.

    Market breadth supports a drop of similar magnitude.

  175. HS target =)
  176. He has become bigger since that picture was taken. Needs more water to hide and move. I feel he is very close to strike. Maybe wednesday. He stops the flow of rivers.:D
  177. buenos días!

  178. foiled by r10

  179. Its ok.

    The intention of 54 to 34 gap fill is showing now. =P
  180. 34 gap filled.

  181. Thinking that we have left shoulder on the left, and head will be thursday...for Mokele Mbembe...

    The drop that is coming is biblical, epic, and will show on weekly and monthly charts.


  182. one down

    many to go

    lot of air to 1215

    and 1156


    so far r10 keeping demtdayboyz in check

  183. bartenderthinkmokelembembefullof$hit
  186. If 39 is not touched again, we will get below 1220 today

    Hard to say.

  187. looking for a 1226 spx print today
  188. Me no hablo SPX, how mucho ES?


    (Thank you :) )
  189. Ahh, Lunch is served

  190. That's the same target as ES touching 1220 area.

    Should go have a drink together sometime. =)
  191. venti dos wey
  192. [​IMG]

  193. Is that what I think it is? (I've probably been watching charts for too long)
  194. Behold MM!. Short ES!. Si!.
  195. Mokele likes to stop the flow of rivers and then with a swift move of his tail releases all the water at once, like breaking a dam. Si!.

    Mokele Mbembe is a beautiful creature.
  196. Pobre tontin no sabe operar.
  197. You on shrooms? Or just a lightweight with the mojitos?
  198. Manten los ojos en el precio cabron o te van a vaciar la cuenta de simulador que tienes!.:D
  199. No soup today?.
  200. yo EMG meet me at the bank of violent
  201. Hola! Too drunk!
  202. Tonight/tomorrow will see if that right shoulder will show up for selling fun.

  203. Well done, Volente! :)

    If you are not wasted by now, I would like to ask you what convinced you to hold (presuming you did) until end of day?

    I was looking at targets below myself all day, but the market fooled me several times. When we put in that higher low at 11:30 I was starting to think long. Only after we put in the double top did I feel safe on the short side, but I still did not have confidence to play it properly. Kept dropping too slowly and retracing too much.:mad:

    Any ideas from here?

    Looking at the 5-minute cash chart, these last three days could be considered some kind of H&S formation. I guess tomorrow would be a game changer anyway, unless the charts tell the story in advance. :eek:
  204. Sin dinero no juega!.:D
  205. r10 is your friend

  206. estoy sólo un barman pobre que tira números fuera de mi nalgas


  207. for una pregunta ala LF por que

  208. Si!.
  209. Market has entered a 3-4 week correction/bear phase that will likely test the year lows. In the drought, Mokele Mbembe will swing back and forth with his violent moves to increase the amount of equity in his account. The lack of liquidity and volume will exagerate the price moves. Now I'm moving permanently to the Congo for my sabbattical fast to hunt, trap and bind Mokele Mbembe. :p
  210. saw Mokele Mbembe drinking shroom tea while using the urinal and he drunkenly mumbled


  211. Buenos días!

    What about the W-girls?
  212. buenos días!

    Where is the bartender

  213. I wonder if I`m the only one who think your jokes are funny. :p

  214. Buenos dias mis tontines. Short more ES!. Si!.
  215. Bar is closed. Taking a nap. Watch dem hoes fill dat gap.
  216. [​IMG]

    Hola! :)
  217. R10 is your friend.
  218. Cual es tu timestamp para los cortos de hoy LF?. :eek:
  219. Re-short?
  220. looking for a sell off here from 1238-41 on cash to 1201


  221. mojito money
  222. today? overnight? Gracias wey :)
  223. Right shoulder ... said that last night =)
  224. start today

    time frame 2 to 5 trading days

    short from 1236

    stop is 42.5 ES

    never take trading tips from a drunk bartender

  225. NO WEY JOSE

    10 over previous reaction high of 1231 spx

    1221 + (2 x r10) = signal

    and top of channel

    oh yea right shoulder on cash too

  226. Tips??? I'm fading you amigo...!!!


    :D :p

    Totally just kidding
  227. Ahh. Mojitos Time!
  228. I know you like the 25" mark... :D
  229. :(
  230. A little bit unlucky there:eek:
  231. Sorry to hear that... :(

    I would have sworn that you would have moved the stop and added...

    If it helps, have a mojito on me
  232. looking for DEMTDAYBOYZ to bring me 50
  233. 1230
  234. 50 and 60 and...Behold!. Da Powa of Mokela!.:cool:

    HNS has a new head...:D
  235. Shorting 62-65 with stop at 1275. Target is 1239-1242
  237. 10-25-11 10:51 AM Quote from PushPull:
    Thinking that we have left shoulder on the left, and head will be thursday...for Mokele Mbembe...
    The drop that is coming is biblical, epic, and will show on weekly and monthly charts.

  238. Hola Traders!
  239. added at 68.5

    avg 65.5

    adjusting stop to 77.5

  240. mokelmbembe also say SI short more ES at 1226 yesterday


  241. tengo hambre wey
  242. Yo LC

    rule of 200

  243. Quote from PushPull:10-26-11 09:55 AM
    Buenos dias mis tontines. Short more ES!. Si!.

    When Mokele sells, market drops inmediately, instead of rising 20-30-40-70 points against like when Volente sells. Gimme timestamp and real equity or give me nothing, says Mokele's trainer.
  244. Enough BS lunches!
  245. Waiting for confirmed turn. ^.^
  246. Bears live below it. Bulls live above it. What is it?
  247. 20 5' EMA? :D


    The belt then?
  248. Lake Tele in the Congo River basin?.
  249. Hola! Anybody eating lunch?
  250. Hola!

    I`m waiting for this one from the menu.

  251. I just saw Mokele setting the head.:eek:

    You must speak Ngala to take this trade though.
  252. Ahh. Lunch is here

  253. okidoki
  254. Long this - short the one you actually go - ugh! :eek:
  255. Got me again
  256. Sorry to hear that

    I thought you guys were a team

    ??? :confused:
  257. Ahh! Time for some mojitos and cigars!
  258. Quote from Buy1Sell2:

    "Trade" disregarded for journal integrity purposes.

    emg says:
    Placing stop is for loser. Don't forget that.

    MG says:
    never a fill, no mojito for you (get lost)
  259. all the pics in here,can't trade while running a restaurant,eat drink after work
  260. [​IMG]

    anybody wants to join? Its on me
  261. I like the VWAP Mojito run.
  262. When Mokele farts in lake Tele, Chicago shakes in South Wacker Drive.

  263. donde esta wey ?
  264. juciy a$$ premium for at the money calls

    spy option range

  265. Who want's to be long when s&p debt rating is cut a second time within the next 7 weeks?

    I predict a 5% sell off when it happens.
  266. I sure hope Mokele Mbembe does not start unloading tomorrow as I will only be present for the first hour. Would hate to miss that. :eek:

    Monday is fine with me. :)
  267. Mokele Mbembe doesn't care for your time schedule, nor mine. I'd be sleeping, if I were in Norge, preferibly with a blonde.:p
  268. Seriously, LF, stop all this gay talk... :D :p
  269. Picaso es una pobre marica metida en el closet.:(
  270. Hola Traders!
  271. Ahh. Breakfast is served!



  273. If ya gonna trade against Mokele, keep your stops ultratight, and your profit targets very small.
  274. Would not dream of trading against him.

    The question is if he will appear today or not.

    If he does, I`m going to ride his tail, but I ain`t gonna let a few hippos trap me if he don`t. :)
  275. OK. Good luck!. Short ES!. Si!.
  276. What`s your position? :)
  277. Me mojitos después, wey!

  278. Look at the timestamp of my post and most of your questions will be answered!. Timing is everything!. Si!.
  279. Indeed, and if my memory serves me correctly, your timing has not exactly been on time recently. Si?

    Good luck. :p
  280. I think your memory has gaps that are wider than Bu1Sell2 stops!. Short ES!. Si.
  281. :(

    So you are short now?

    I think I`ll wait for a confirmed break first, although I`m leaning on a short myself today.

    Possibly a gap fill first.

    Better yet, Mokele waits until Monday.
  282. Ok. Si. Ok. Si. Short ES!. Si.
  283. Tempted to go for a siesta if market doesn't wake up
  284. Looking for a run to 91
  285. Long 78.5 with stop at 72 and target of 90
  286. vol which way do these usually break
  287. 1-800-MOKELE-M
  288. Time for Mojitos and cigars!
  289. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwbRoYGN6z0&feature=related
  290. Not much to show for the last 7 hours of my life, but enough to buy a round!

  291. Flat 82.75
  292. Are you averaging into a position here or what happened? :confused:

    Nice to see that my prediction were fairly accurate and that this is all the market had to offer in my absence.

    Indeed, timing is everything! :p

    Hasta la vista, amigos. :)
  293. Better lucky than good. Si. If you are both lucky and good and handsome and hung, then... Si!.


  295. Si!. Si!. Beach!. Si!. Si!.
  296. pushpull, you have an exagerated ego for horrible trading skills and calls. Yelling out "Si!" after every trade, still makes you a losing trader.

    If I were you, I'd sit back in the closet and <b>do some studying.</b>
  297. Are you still gaping?.http://myveryworstjob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/clown.jpg
  298. And if I were you, I'd eat some cyanide and stop being you.
  299. strong words for a consistent loser.
  300. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ACGbvkLzI4&feature=related
  301. Long 78 with 73 stop and 87 target
  302. Added 76 and adjusted stop to 72 and target to 85
  303. Last add is 74 if we get there
  304. Adding more at 73.25

    stop adjusted to 69

    avg is ~75

    First target is 82

    stop will move to breakeven at 82

    second target is 1290
  305. added 70.25

    avg is 74.3

    stop 68.25

    target adjusted to 1280
  306. stop moved to 66.75 outside of r10
  307. Ouch, some bad luck with that Japanese intervention :(

    I hope you can manage the position
  308. Averaging losers against Mokele = Bad tactics

  309. 60-62 gap top of the original 20 pts gap below.
  310. Volente,

    I`m surprised to see you make this trade considering you like to sell into strength and buy into weakness? You`ve also said earlier that you never chase a long with a gap below? I could understand it if we had a magnet above, but 85 does not seem very special.

    You had a trade idea with a set stop and target. The moment we traded through your stop for whatever reason that happened, your initial idea was wrong. What prevented you from taking the loss?

    I think averaging down or scaling in is smart if it is part of the original plan, but if one start doing it in order to avoid taking a loss, it can be very dangerous.

    I`m only writing this because I think you are a great trader that I`ve learned a tremendous amount from, but it seems you are too stubborn those few times when you`re wrong. I`m sure you do not care for my opinion, but here it is anway. :p

    I sure hope you don`t call the bouncers on me now as I like this bar. :)
  311. Got me. LF the open gap is at ~80 Es and that is why I was buying weakness. Rebought the whole position at 66.75 with a 4.25 point stop and target of 80
  312. I think that he posts at all shows he cares.

    tho the bouncers are kind of eyeing us.....
  313. stop trailed to 65.75

    target 80
  314. Hola Traders!
  315. Stopped. Rebought 64.75 r10 stop 60 target 80
  316. What about the large gap below or at least Thursday`s low as a magnet?

    50% gap at 54,50.

    Gap fill at 37,75.

    With all the bad headlines, I think the euphoria from last week is gone and reality is setting in.

    Looks due for a correction technically as well. Just my humble opinion. :)
  317. This week (and next month?) should sell off hard and close near the low of the week (and next month?).

    999 bid to exit to front-run the R300. End of transmission.
  318. What`s your average?


  319. lots of gaps below including 1156 spx


    Still think we make at least one more stab at 130 spy to get some call written

  320. added at 1162

    stop adjusted to 1258.75

    Target 80
  321. Yes, but the question is: today? or more likely tomorrow?

    Good luck/skill, I was looking at a similar trade before the open
  322. My average is pink 2.:D
  323. Nice fill. :cool:
  324. Add 59.25. Stop 54.75 not buying this low volume sell off
  325. I'm sure you're a way better trader than me and that you must know what you're doing, but...
  326. Sure you`re thinking rationally now and not being stubborn, Volente? :(

    You were the one who made me start looking at gaps and one would think the 50% gap at 54,50 is a minimum now.

    Further the complete fill at 37,75 is achieved with a 30 point RTH range which is not much above average, so I entertain that as a possibility as well.

    That said, I hope you do okay.
  327. 30 pts pullbacks were all we got last few times after ES making new high.
  328. Interesting. :cool:

    Maybe this is it then. :)
  330. 10-27-11 11:14 AM
    Quote from volente_00:

    10-25-11 10:51 AM Quote from PushPull:
    Thinking that we have left shoulder on the left, and head will be thursday...for Mokele Mbembe...
    The drop that is coming is biblical, epic, and will show on weekly and monthly charts.


  331. Looking better now, Volente.

    I was genuinely worried for you for a while there. :)
  332. Double top now?

    No action above after all? :(
  333. Will exit at 1272 or higher
  334. Mokele going for the jugular and hammering the lows to find buyers. Whatta magnificent animal!.
    <====100 +72
  335. Looks like pushpull is buying the mojitos with the money I lent him today
  336. Check.

    That said, I lost a lot of money today, so I`m drinking water tonight. :mad:
  337. Post your entries and initial stops, and we'll see if we learn, laugh or both.:confused:
  338. Nah, my own self-loathing is already more than I can handle today.

    It would be funny to know your real entry and exit though. :)
  339. This is one of the hardest things to do:
    For a losing day like today, review all trades, rationale, entries and exits, review them all. Write down in a diary the feelings associated when you review them. Notice all the mistakes that look like mistakes of the past repeated or their cousins. Do this for as long as it takes...that is if you want to be the best trader in Europe...for now you have been demoted to the best trader in Lapland.:D

    No soup for you!:

  340. Ahh, Mojitos Time. Who wants to join me? Its on me

  341. It does not matter. I simply love losing.

    Ain`t that right, emg? 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!

    Thanks, I`ll take as many mojitos as you can spare tonight. :)
  342. You sound fucking depressing. I had you down as a consistent winner already. What happened? Decided not to use stops or...shall I mention it...picked today as a good day to average down on longs...surely not! or yes?.:p
  343. I never average down (nothing personal to those who do) and I always take my stops (or less).

    The problem today was that I lost all self-control and discipline and bled to death by a thousand paper cuts.

    Yes, I am fairly consistent, but the problem is that I tend to experience these black swans if you will in my performance that really hurt me.

    As we all know, it does not matter if 80% of the days are winners if the last two are big losing days.

    Not depressed, but definitely in a reflective mood. :)
  344. Trick or Treat cooolshit?. I don't do clowns or homos, but if you have a hot sister I'll forgive you.
  345. Depending if your over-trades are with-trend or counter, you could use your ema or an oscillator to filter and stop you from overtrading. Think about it. There were maximum 5 or 6 good trades on the 5' today or in the 3' for that matter, the morning was fairly flat and one clear trend in the afternoon. With MokeleM, of course.:D

  346. long 41.75

    Will only add once at 40.25

    stop 37

    Target is 1260

    Edit target adjusted to 1258.75

  347. Averaging down works 100% of the time if you trade 100k per contract and use 1 point targets with no stops.


  348. hola donde esta?
  349. volente, stop trading for today, emotions taking over.
    breaking a few of your rules today, such as your gap below 2 days ago, no long , although i'm sure u were looking at gap PRE-market ,go long. Mixed signal = no trade.

    pushpull, you've been shorting for the past 3-4 up days, every dog has its days, congrats on your profit.

    direction on the market = undecided (basic chop no real trend change to selloff) , but 60% long bias, no entry.
  350. Hey fucktard, I hope you have a nice sister otherwise you are a waste of space and an oxygen thief. I was long into thursday, posted something related. Started shorting at the highs and added on friday and today. Get a fucking clue somewhere!.:D
  351. yeah you posted a youtube video, timestamps or shut the fuck up
  352. Since you ask so nicely, how about you post yours first motherfucker?.:D
  353. I'm not the one saying I'm long thursday, short friday and added today.

    Great imaginary trades.
  354. yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, You can't post anything profitable, as you have no fucking clue, you said so yourself...go fuck yourself and post a pic of your sister naked. I may have mercy of her if I wake up in a good mood tomorrow.:p
  355. Screenshots of entries and exits or YOU STFU.
  356. I`m not sure if it helps as it seems like when I lose it, I simply lose it. At that point, my behavior is not rational. I pretty much don`t care. It`s like I`m thinking that since I lost so much money already, what difference does it make.

    The thing is that I`ve had countless days the last months where I`ve sat on my hands for hours or even the whole day without doing nothing being very disciplined and patient in my trading, only executing when I know I can win.

    But as I said, losing it only one single day can do a lot of damage regardless of how disciplined one have been up to that point.

    That is why discretionary trading is so hard, in my opinion.

    So, did you cover your real or imaginary position by now or does Mokele keep unloading from here? :p
  357. I told you already about the "circus manager" or "internal manager" or "risk manager". The emotion up and down thing happens to everybody, what you eat, drink, coffee, alcohol, etc. trigger responses, who you speak to, etc, if your mom pisses you off or a relative dies, etc, etc. if you feel something is not right or you are out of control, you have to shut the machine off and go exercise, run a few miles, have sex with some blonde, whatever to pull yourself from the losing loop.

    Have you tried a rule of maximum 5 trades per day?. Let's face it if you haven't made any money after 5 tries...then something is off. No?.

    Mokele is just getting started, I think. Elusive creature...:D
  358. Guys, guys, relax.
    Volente has put a lot of money in this place.
    Last thing we need is for everything to be torn up.
  359. Usually, my risk manager remains in control, but today my dark passenger told him to fuck off, even though there was no external circumstances leading into today that were likely to throw me off.

    The rule of maximum 5 trades or a variation of that could be something to consider. I have a maximum drawdown rule, which would be similar, it`s just that I did not respect it today.

    The pattern with my big losing days seems to be that I start out losing pretty much from the open. Not accepting a small drawdown, I dig myself deeper, reasoning that the next trade will be a winner.

    The correct thing would be to snap out of it early, turn off the screens, have sex with a brunette and then allow myself the opportunity to try again later that day if I feel that my head is clear and I am within my drawdown boundaries. I need to have a strong enough will power and conscious awareness that the only way I have a chance to win is to get away and try again LATER.

    The losing streak is very much real for a discretionary trader. Marty Schwartz had a lot of interesting stuff to say on the subject and even he experienced them from time to time. For him, the only thing to end it was to take time away from the markets. In my experience, that seems to be very much true.

    Obviously, removing the discretionary element is one solution. I am working on a new model, but it will take me some time. I`ll give myself one more shot, if not, my efforts may be better spent developing that.
  360. Out break even. Will rebuy 38.25
  361. On the whole position?
  362. Short 45 with 4 point stop and target of 39 will reverse 39 stop 34 target 48
  363. Hola!. Short ES!. Si!.
  364. Imaginary. Si!.

    LF: Can you imagine how many ES I'm short right now?. You should be able to see through that pink square. (zero...shhhh...don't tell anyone...).


  366. Reading this, I'm now pretty certain that you aren't suffering from addiction, but from obsession-compulsion. There are similarities, but they are totally different in their manifestation. For example an alcohol or drug addict cannot go several days without consuming without showing withdrawal symptoms. An obsessive can do it with ease, days, weeks, months, years, no problem. On the other hand if an obsessive opens a bottle, he keeps drinking till there is nothing left, almost by magic the bottle is gone and our hero is drunk, and everybody even himself believes that he is an addict, but he isn't.

    The treatment is quite different. The addict must stop drinking, but the obsessive must find other interest to distract from trading, learning another craft, studying some subject at which he'll become expert in a short time, golf, exercise, etc, etc, etc. Trading becomes then for the obsessive, one more activity at which he excels.:eek:

    Been there. Done that.:)

    Where did B1S2 put his stop?. :(
  367. Hola Traders!

  368. 1 point profit

  369. Day is young my friend

    You do realize that open gap at 49 gives you a right shoulder that projects to ~1140 ES so if you want lower we must go higher.
  370. I imagine zero, considering you trade SPY. :) What happened to the picture?

    What you wrote in your next post was interesting. Thank you. I`ve always considered myself as OCD light, so you may be on to something there. :)
  371. Mokele ate it. Why?. Because he could.
  372. 'tis very hard to nail a rally in circumstances like this. And very hard too to start new shorts. Scaling out and lowering risk to comfortable zone is probably the best alternative. Who knows what is behind the MF fiasco and whether other firms will join the problem wagon. I read that Don Miller had his 7 figure account frozen. When you have problems at Chicago clearing firms, everything gets very dicey.
  373. I think Pushpull's HS is that ES get back down to where all this euro zone b.s. started around 1100.

    It is possible because ES is trading effectively a reflection of where euro is. If euro collapses back down to 1.34 or lower, ES has to drop to 1100 and below.

    And it can happen very quickly, like within a week.

  374. I agree.

    But r10 still working 12.5 22.5 :)

    isn't he the one that lost 350k in one day scaling into tf a while back ?

    Good call on the sell off. Options had 130 spy as the upper range but I thought we would test it one more time before falling.
  375. long 1211.75

    stop is 1199

    Target is 1248

    EDIT target adjusted to 1246
  376. So true.

    I hesitated on the pullback to 33. I then planned to enter on a break below 25, but could not pull the trigger as it seemed overextended and here we are.

    A pullback would probably be due under normal circumstances, but in the face of a real crash, I guess not.
  377. When will you cover your imaginary short? :)

    Prepared for a pullback here or out already?
  378. I covered 7/8 ths of my imaginary short already, and have another 15/16 ths still open, for a total of of 144/32nds confiscated. The analysis stays the same, low of the week near the end of the week.:p
  379. Stop trailed to entry.
  380. Too bad it`s imaginary. :p
  381. Was that Mokele Mbembe?
  382. Are you fluent in Ngala?.:p
  383. Si! I`m learning one new word every day. :)
  384. Ahh! Lunch is served

  385. Pobre tonto.
  386. Here's hoy's palabra for you, LF:

    Por favor, put him on <b>ignorar</b>

    Gracias :)
  387. What's the drink?
  388. vodka lime
  389. Are you drunk now?
  390. 1178 ish is the 50% of the big advance visible in the daily chart. 61.8% is lower and 78.6% is even lower. Got tired of the Mojitos?.:p
  391. Back long 1111 stop 99 target 1237
  392. Inevitable is such a magnificent word. It has a ring of finality, closure, etc. Few people use it.:p
  394. Stop to breakeven
  395. 'tis much easier to catch a glance of Mokele when he is swimming in the river than in the lake.
  396. Yes, it is an important part of my vocabulary for a reason.

    I wonder if it is inevitable that the gap fill above starts now and emg is gonna cancel his ES?
  397. :)

    Are you convinced you get the complete fill by end of day or what?

    Please be honest. :)
  398. Last time I observed Mokele Mbembe, he who stops the flow of rivers, in a situation like this, he broke the triple bottom with a close and settlement in new lows for the day.
  399. It appears to me that Mokele is a very clever creature. He likes to give people the illusion that the danger is over, only to start selling into a new high made on low volume.

    Whether that repeats today or not, remains to see. :)
  400. I'm on my 12th mojito and you want my advice? 36-47 is all I can offer
  401. Hola Volente! u have live entertainment:

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/8N2gkI7GObw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  402. Exit moved to 24.75
  403. Plan on drinking mojitos with EMG. :)
  404. It still amazes me when you pull a number like that out of your ass, in advance, and then hits.:p
  405. To the tick... about time you had a break :)
  406. Look at that, the first sextuple bottom in the history of the SP... The wonders never cease!.:D
  407. :eek:

  408. 16 + 9 amigo


  409. bought 11's 3 times today

    You still short ?

    I'm short 25.25

    stop 30

    order to cover and reverse at 17

    stop 10

    Target 35
  410. added 25.5 to my short

    stop adjusted 30.25

    same target and reverse order
  411. Si. Target 999-1178 ish and/or friday or stoploss @!"£$%&/(??endofmessage
  412. Nice trade earlier, Volente.

    Not sure if I`m following along on what you`re thinking when reversing to a long around 17, but I`ll be sure to follow along on the trade. :)

    I take it you don`t think we trade down to hell from here or do you simply want to short at higher levels thinking a retrace is due?

    The sixtuplet bottom was indeed strong today and I have to admit that I expected it to break several times. Fortunately, I managed to stay out of trouble by waiting for the break that never came.

    Good luck.
  413. Easy on the mojitos, allright? :)
  414. stop trailed to 27 with trade 5 points itm
  415. covered and reversed long at 1218

    stop 1210
  416. Even though I'm an unashamed beer guy all this talk of mojitos has admittedly made me want to try one.
  417. stop trailed to 12.25
  418. 14.25 is 4p close not tagged yet in AH.
  419. shut down by r10

    stop trailed to 18
  420. longer term view

    Looking for run to 1246-49

  421. And then a fall to 1151-53

  422. My newest bartender

    She makes the best millionaire mojitos

  423. scaled out some at 28.25 for +10.25 and moved stop to 18

  424. adjusting 35 exit to 44.75

    will reverse short at 44.75 with 10 point stop
  425. hehe...they stopped me out on that spike up...next!.
    Nice moves there Volente. Don't hit that stripper bartender too hard!.:D
  426. Hola Traders!
  427. Went flat at 29.25

  428. Ahh!
  429. Plagiarizer!!!

    :D :p
  430. Shorting 31-32 with stop at 38 target 17
  431. Filled 31.25 target moved to 23.25
  432. Added 32 stop 39
  433. Add 33.25
  434. Vol, if I may ask, aren't your add-ons too close together?
  435. Ben trying to get me. Will reshort 46/48 if we get there
  436. Added 37 stop moved 41 f u Ben
  438. I agree.

    Vol, you have balls man!
  439. Closed out all lower shorts at be. Only holding 37 position with stop at 38 target 30
  440. na 37-38 was r10. :)
  441. Covered 37 at 26. off to the bar for mojitos
  442. Ese vol tiene huevos,

    found you again :)

    Hope everyone is enjoying the current market volatility.
  443. Long 34.75 stop 28 target 46.75
  444. Reversed short 33.5 stop 41 target 1216
  445. Reduced 24.5 stop trailed to 35
  446. went flat 17.75
  447. reshorted 20

    stop 26

    target 09
  448. will add 21 and 21.75
  449. filled 21.25

    last add 21.75
  450. scaled out 17.25

    stop trailed to 24.25

    target adjust 9.25
  451. added 22.25

    stop adjusted back to 26
  452. added 22.75

    stop adjusted to 27

    target 09.5
  453. Adjusted target to 13.5
  454. 1-800-MMBEMBE

  455. filled 44.75

    will add 46.5 and 47.5 if we get there
  456. 34 + 11

  457. Last short add is 48.5 to see if I can catch the top
  458. Mokele is sorry for your loss.
  459. :eek:

    added some at 53.75

  460. avg is 1249

    adjusted stop to 62

    DEMTDAYBOYZGOTJUICE but I think we revert back to min 34 es once cash gap is filled
  461. Hola Traders!
  462. I think the new bar's name is going to be "Cocktails & Dreams". Your analysis of levels is superb most often, but you trade as if you hate money. I can't think how you can make it work in the long run despite my thick skull. I hope it works out well for you on average. Going to take a break from the bar. Best of luck.
  463. I have zero emotion over money. It is just a tool in this game like a hammer to a carpenter.

    My analysis had 10-11 over 38 for a top, even the best analysis in the world can't predict rate cuts and the emotional reaction to them

    Secondary number is 57 cash so around ~53 ES

    See you lower my friend and



  464. Stick to bartending and analysis my friend. Averaging in is a death wish. Averaging on winners and scaling out work well.
  465. Covered all shorts at 32 Mojito time :)
  466. Nice trading Vol, what do ya got on tap?
  467. Shorting 39.5-43 stop 50 target 1216
  468. Shorted 43.25 stop and target
  469. Added 44.75 stop 51 target 1217
  470. Reduced 40.5 stop 48.75
  471. Add 46.75 stop 54 will add 49 if we get there
  472. Your stop called, he said he was getting sea-sick and asked if you could cut down on the mojitos...

    :D :p (j/k - good luck/skill)
  473. Add 49.5 stop 56
  474. Will add 53-54 stop to 61.25.
  475. Filled 54 and 56 avg 50.5 Out of powder
  476. Stop moved to 64.25 risking 1/3 of session trading gains on the trade. Will scale out all except 54 and 56 short at 49 no guts no glory
  477. Mokele decided to spare you because you are a nice bartender that makes good Mojitos. Don't expect an encore!.:p
  478. Hola! Time for mojitos! Yo Volente, where is your sexy bartender
  479. Shorted 56.5 for daytrade stop 60 target 51.5
  480. Stop trailed to 57


  482. [​IMG]

    That is some serious poontang right there.
  483. shorted 58.25

    stop 63.25

    Target 51
  484. scaled out 56.75

    stop moved to 59.75
  485. flat 55.25
  486. INEPTOCRACY: A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.
  487. Mokele is awaiting for your thanks. 1-800-MMBEMBE.:D
  488. shorted 58.25

    stop 64.25
  489. flat 1250.75

  490. made 1.5 on the 49 scale out and 4.25 on the upper positions on the 50.75 exit

    Not the best trade but I will take it
  491. But get it while you here boy
    Cause all that hype don’t feel the same next year boy
    Yeah and I’ll be right here in my spot with a little more cash than I already got


  492. buenos días!
  493. Hola!. Flat Es!. Si!. Going to the beach with the twins for some b'ching over the weekend!. I'll remember your drawdown after I empty my balls.:p
  494. ¡Muy buenos días a todos!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/qMxX-QOV9tI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  495. Ahh! Lunch is served!

  496. EMG... after all the effort you must have put into your trading, why do you want to die young? :D :p
  497. lol, +1:D
  498. Shorted 50.75 stop 62
  499. Target 44.25
  500. Ahh! Women are here! Hola!

  501. Out 44 mojito time
  502. That must be extremely difficult to achieve for you.:D
  503. Shorted 54.25 stop 66 target open
  504. Stop trailed to entry

    Target 46.25
  505. shorted 49.25 stop 51.5 target 44.5
  506. added 50.25

    stop adjusted to 53.5
  507. added 50.75

    stop 54.5
  508. added 51.5

    stop adjusted to 55

    Target adjusted to 37.25
  509. will add at 52 and 52.75 if we get there
  510. reduced lower shorts at 48

    still holding 50.75 and 51.5
    stop trailed to 52.25
  511. put em back out at 49.75
  512. stop adjusted to 55.25 Same target and orders to add still pending
  513. short 47.75

    stop 60

    Target open
  514. will add 48.5
  515. Opened a special branch for push pull last night

  516. flat 44.5
  517. Hola Amigos! Time for Coffee!

  518. Tried to pay attention but attention paid me
    Haters can't see me, nose bleed seats
    And today I went shopping and talk is still cheap
    I rock to the beat of my drumset
    I've been at the top for a while and I aint jump yet


  519. 25 points of profit makes me thirsty for the breakfast of champions

  520. I still think your analysis is good, but I stopped believing your trades long ago...

    I'll be sitting in table 13 (where the noisy women are), if you want to talk to me...

    by the way my bar is called: Cock, Tails, and Dreams. You got it almost right. :)

  521. Shorted 54 stop 62 target 48.5
  522. Hola!. Si!. Ok!.

    It shouldn't be too hard to beat me...
  523. Flat 48
  524. Short 45.5 will add til 48 stop 54 target open
  525. Target 33.5
  526. Ahh! Lunch is served!

  527. have you heard about the connection b/w saturated fat, cholesterol and premature death, guess not

    bone apatite :D
  528. Shorted 55 stop 62 target 48.25
  529. Hola Amigos! Mojitos is on me

  530. No freaking way!!!??? :eek:
  531. long 58.5

    stop 49

    Target is 74-80


    target adjusted to 73.5

    Will add at 56.25, 55.25 and 54.25 if we get there
  532. added 57
  533. 56.25 filled
  534. 64


  535. looking for a run to 61.75 from 56
  536. added 53.5

    stop adjusted to 48.5

    Target adjusted to 72.75
  537. Added 52

    stop 48

    Target 71.5
  538. avg ~54.5
  539. Sold everything thing at 61.5
  540. Hola Amigos! Time for coffee!


  541. Hola

  542. Plan on buying 57-61 stop is 43 target is 72.75-75.75 and 1306 for long term
  543. mmmmm great coffee! pour me a cup black no cream no sugar pleease, i want to taste the bean! :D
  544. Mokele is eyeing the liquidity pool just below 1232. I think he may go for it today. He is a wonderful animal.:cool:
  545. It was gap and go, just the go part didn't get very far...:p :D :eek: :confused:
  546. There is 0% chance of those targets in november. Better take the magnet off your pocket. It is distorting your compass readings. Market is going SOUTH.
  547. Hola! Lunch is here!

  548. Long 54.25 ,55 and 57 stop 44 target 72
  549. emg, are these photos of your actual meals? that's cool :)
  550. Reduced 58.5 stop trailed 50.5
  551. smoove move
  552. Buenas tardes!. Short Es!. Si.
  554. Wow. My feelings are hurt. You are very disconsiderate. Reminds me of someone I used to know.:p
  555. Order canceled. Missed by one tic :)
  556. Disconsiderate? Wow your English is almost as bad as your trading.
  557. Fail.

    Volente, don't you have bouncers at this place?
  558. Is your head full of milk or maybe semen?.
  559. Out 73.75 mojito time

  560. good trading. trend still long these 2 weeks.
  561. Nice trades there my key man Volente. Did you institute Happy Idiot Hour today?. There seems to be an overabundance of them.


    Cluelessweb still gaping.:D
  562. only bouncers I have are DEMTDAYBOYZ bouncing that Es spanking shorts a$$es
  563. vol,thoughts?
  564. pinche loco wey
  565. Loco como un zorro. Como se dice eso en ingles?. Ah Si: "Crazy like a fox.":)
  566. Mojitos Time: Yo Volente, have some mojitos!

  567. Arrancate wey llama las chicas
  568. holy GFU :D

    where are you where the rubber meets the road?
  569. If Israel bombs Iran tonight. Will the SP go up or down?. I could never figure out these news.:confused:
  570. Simple rule - collapse European mkts

    Then US time - may rally, maybe not
  571. "Cause I'm feeling like I'm running
    And I'm feeling like I gotta get away, get away, get away
    Better know that I don't and I won't ever stop
    'cause you know I gotta win everyday day, day
    See they really really wanna pop me
    Just know that you never flop me
    And I know that I can be a little cocky
    You ain't never gonna stop me"

  572. Key to success

    Don't be afraid

    You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'em
    But you won't take this thing out these words before I say 'em
    Cause ain't no way I'm let you stop me from causing mayhem
    When I say 'em or do something I do it, I don't give a damn
    What you think, I'm doing this for me, so fuck the world
    Feed it beans, it's gassed up, if a thing's stopping me
    I'mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly
    And all those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balcony
    No if ands or buts don't try to ask him why or how can he
    From Infinite down to the last Relapse album he's still shit and
    Whether he's on salary, paid hourly
    Until he bows out or he shit's his bowels out of him
    Whichever comes first, for better or worse
    He's married to the game, like a fuck you for christmas
    His gift is a curse, forget the earth he's got the urge
    To pull his dick from the dirt and fuck the universe

  573. vatos locos forever !!!
  574. Mueve el stop a breakeven wey.

  575. screams, the boy trading 100 shares of spy.
    I think my stops = your account size.
  576. lol, now that's an insult! :D
  577. flat 43.50 SI SI
  578. Buenos días!

    Coffee time

  579. Good For You! I'm on my 5th cup!
  580. 47-48

  581. looking for a run to 55-57 as long as 40 holds

    blackbox spit 55.5 out for it

  582. congrats on your $200 profit today,
    puts you at the same level as a senior nugget fryer at mcdonalds.
  583. rofl :p
  584. coolweb is out of your league push, better to cut your lossses now haha :D

  585. I don't have a sister.
    Learn to stay on topic and not imagine things, "moke memble", "friends calling me a milf" , "I'm actually a trader"
  586. just say smthg like "Yo mama!" and leave it at that :p

  587. If you were great you'd have a bigger account then $10k with a smaller imagination ( back to REALITY) , moke mumble.
  588. Do you? :D
  589. heres a little cold read,

    you've been sitting in your bedroom for the past few years, with no valid business or job experience, pulling out your hair trying to trade with a stochs indicator, parents support your trading lifestyle, capital has dwinlded to nothing, with no job to replenish.

    you've been anti social for the past 3-5 years where you don't even know how to speak properly, this insult talk has stemmed from your stochs not even working properly 40% of the time and your mom telling you trading is gambling, get a job. You hate your mom so much, you think you fuck other peoples moms , you've gone a little mental into imagining dinosaurs , pimps , and fucking imaginary sisters.

    stochs reads 90 , you enter even before confirmation , like an idiot.

    Yeah, I know I'm right.
  590. omg this is soo fuunny! :D

    coool, give yerself another "o" or 2 on me lol

    coooooooolweb !
  591. Hola Amigos! Time for lunch!
  592. please post a pic :D
  593. tried to tell you to cut your losses :D
  594. push, you can do better than lady gagme :D

    give us your best stuff
  595. are you a 13 yr old girl...that's lady gagme's target audience :eek:

    real traders like METAL (or classic R) :cool:

    but never ever POP :eek:
  596. Let's see some classic whatever.:p
  597. Hey Moderator/Censor/Vetor/Masturbator:

  598. wow, not only the market that's melting down :eek:
  599. I'm cooler than dry ice at the moment...MasteR.

    I'll be banned shortly. Take care Mr. Grande. And never forget: You are el mas grande, in my book. That is, if you are who I think you are. I like my odds.:)
  600. don't get yourself banned, just chill out. you're a good guy, this is a hard biz you're very funny :D
  601. How bout go start your own thread instead of shitting where you drink partna
  602. Yeah, take it outside!

    The rest of us, let's get the vote IN!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/dK-nnASP7OY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  603. this sucks rather listen to lady gagme:confused:
  604. Time for some mojitos!
  605. What else would anyone expect from a 5 thumbs faggot named Picaso.

    Again: Whoever deleted my posts is a fucking MARICON!

    ... And I covered at 32... Too early, but there was a good reason. OK machogrande?. I should have waited for 28 as planned. Plenty liquidity there.

    Last, but not least: Cooooooooolweb: FUCK YOU!. There is no parallel universe possible in which you could lick my boots.

    To me, you are less dangerous than a termite..
  606. Not sure what's going on, I have so many on ignore, there are whole pages blank today!

    Hey, I'm having a good time. Nice quiet table over here.
  607. lol

    push, fuggedaboutit!

    today is history. tomorrow is another day

    fuggedaboutit :D
  608. Long avg 23 stop 13 target 38
  609. Damn me for missing the Europe open today. Always some sort of trend out of that. oh well, dealing with the missed trades, bad fills, stop runs and related BS and still keeping your wits and emotions intact is what makes a good trader. btw...is this bar and grill in texas? i'm from houston but my folks are in trinity. hard to imagine any traders within a 60 mile radius of there.
  610. LF: If you are reading, the ESmonkey is another of the handful few you should pay attention to...

  611. Exited at 41.75

    "But get it while you here boy
    Cause all that hype don’t feel the same next year boy
    Yeah and I’ll be right here in my spot with a little more cash than I already got"


    Yo EMG meet me at the bar and grill

  612. lol. just making small talk at the bar here. it's chitchat, isn't it?
  613. Hola Amigos!
  614. stops are run...lets go higher
  615. oooops
  616. Exited shorts at 27.25
  617. Me too!.
  618. Ahh! Lunch is served!

  619. plus, Volente's live entertainment

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/SQiOKK2xYSc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  620. Much better, mucho bueno!

    No trado today?
  621. what's those light colored eggy looking things?
  622. corrida balls?
  623. Long from 37 target 63
  624. Stop 29
  625. I'm sorry for your loss brother. Have a Mojito on me. Decline into close today turns into overnight crash likely.
  626. Reversed 37.75 stop 45 target 23
  627. 1200's are too Octoberish. I think 1100's are more Novemberish.
  628. Head and shoulders?

    What about the gap below at 14,25? :eek:

    Very tempted to enter a short here myself, but I`m a little worried about the gap above.
  630. Got me

    Just woke up after battling food poison all night. Missed out on both r10 trades as well. Life goes on.
  631. shorted 48

    will add 49.5 and 51.5

    stop is 55

    target 1 is 39.25
  632. added at 49.5 and 51

    stop 56
  633. Hola Traders!
  634. added 52.75
  635. Buenos dias!. Short ES!. Si!.

  636. Add 54.5 stop 60
  637. What`s your stop and what`s your target?

    Swing trade?

    1/2 gap at 58,5. :)
  638. Si!.
  639. Added 56.5
  640. added 58.75

    avg 53

    stop 62
  641. You are the best trader in Lapland, and used to be the best trader in Scandinavia. I'm sure you are qualified to tell me where the best price action entries and stops are. You can do several trials if you are a low risk trader. No?.

  642. Need a mulligan
  643. stop hit

    reshorted full position 62.25
  644. This cresent-like pattern it's forming....
    on a 5 or 10 min chart

    are there any rules-of-thumb about it?
  645. Absolutely, but don`t forget that multiple stop-outs even with low risk is the equivalent to bleeding to death by a thousand paper cuts. :)

    Oh, and don`t forget this...

  646. Thanks LF. That eudaemon guy was onto something. Maybe he is waiting for ammo to puke on his shorts. Eudaemon used to be a cruel bastard, for sure.:p

    I believe this is not an uptrend day, but a sucker short covering rally day.
  647. hell looks like a tday except my account is red
  649. added 63.75

    stop 71

    target is 49
  650. Hey Volente,

    See what I wrote in the ES journal.

    I burned myself badly too many times trying to short a day like this.

    Drifting slowly up into the gap which is just above your stop is my bet. :(

    Why not enter a short after the gap is filled?

    Of course, I may be completely wrong and 63 is a potential reversal zone, it just looks like one of these slow days that keeps drifting upwards.


  651. Whether shorts are covering or new longs are entering, your P&L will look just as red if you keep picking a top today before a confirmed reversal is in place.

    Did eudaemon tell you about that? :p

    Tell him I said hello.
  652. added 62.75

    will not hold this past the close to avoid margin requirment
  653. on my 10 min chart starting 10 hrs ago,

    it looks like a curved dagger... handle and everything

    I got a bit of a stab and blooded too!
  654. I guess it comes down to tactical entries, stops, and exits and leverage then?. mmmm.

    I'll probably see him this weekend at the strip club. I'll pass on the message, but I'm pretty sure he still reads this. Funny guy.:D