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  1. Hello guys,

    I recently wanna do some investments. My friends recommended VGTSX, VFINX, and VOO?

    I searched them online, but still have many questions about them.

    Can any buddy help to make a clear explanation about them? Any key difference between them? Which one is better?

    Thank you

  2. VGTSX and VFINX is apple and orange comparision. One is international and other is based on SP500 index.

    VFINX and VOO is the same fund, but different class (Mutual fund vs ETF). Here i would go with VOO because of low expense ratio (0.14% vs 0.04%). Also this depends on where you have brokerage account. VOO is commission free trade only at Vanguard. If you qualify for admiral status, then the expense ratio (VFIAX is 0.04%) will be comparable.

    Other fund/etf, I would consider in similar class is VSTMX/VTI. It is based on total stock market index which includes tiny portion of small cap.
  3. VGTSX is an international ex-US fund, VFINX is a mutual fund.

    I'd say VFINX vs. VOO is a legit question... should you buy an ETF vs. Mutual fund? Do some research.

    On VFINX vs. VGTSX--decide whether you want to invest in international or domestic. it's a portfolio allocation question.
  4. VOO (or IVV) is about as cheap as it gets for SP500 exposure.
  5. ^
    Now days it is race to the bottom regarding expense ratio, which is good for investors.

    Now Schwab is the cheapest SP500 fund. SWPPX expense ratio is 0.03%. There are couple of Total stock market funds which are cheaper than Vanguard. Schwab total stock market fund is also 0.03% and State street total stock market etf (SPTM) is also 0.03%
  6. Yeah, they'll probably play cat and mouse with each other for a while. Maybe they'll all go to fraction-of-a-bip pricing eventually. Schwab is late to the game.
  7. Agree. I prefer vanguard total stock market, since it has more stocks (better diversified) and has tight integration with its ETF. So less likely capital gain tax distribution.
  8. Agree, I should do some research about them. Except Elite Trader, can you please provide some suggestions that I can learn about them effectively and quickly?
  9. Prospectus & etc are online at the various sponsors' sites - for instance VOO at Vanguard.
  10. You can compare SWPPX vs. VFINX here, just type SWPPX vs. VFINX and you'll get your full comparison. What I like about Schwab funds is in some cases, they are more tax efficient (as demonstrated by the lower tax cost ratio). Also shooting for rock-bottom as far as the cost. But definitely, a lot of catch up to do with Vanguard...
  11. try morningstar or finstead for fund comparisons. there are so many funds to compare.
  12. Here is the "after tax" returns directly from Vanguard website.


    Tax cost ratio depends upon investor's own tax brackets. I would also ignore all third party websites, instead it is better directly go to fund websites and read prospectus.
    Even M* does not have right information about qualified dividends.

    Vanguard has the advantage because same fund can be mutual fund or ETF. That way they can tax manage efficiently. No other fund (as far as i know) has similar arrangement.